Man pages for CVXR
Disciplined Convex Optimization

absAbsolute Value
Abs-classThe Abs class.
AddExpression-classThe AddExpression class.
AffAtom-classThe AffAtom class.
affine_prodAffine Product
AffineProd-classThe AffineProd class.
Atom-classThe Atom class.
AxisAtom-classThe AxisAtom class.
BinaryOperator-classThe BinaryOperator class.
bmatBlock Matrix
Bool-classThe Bool class.
BoolConstr-classThe BoolConstr class.
CallbackParam-classThe CallbackParam class.
Canonical-classThe Canonical class.
cdiacGlobal Monthly and Annual Temperature Anomalies (degrees C),...
cone-methodsSecond-Order Cone Methods
Constant-classThe Constant class.
Constraint-classThe Constraint class.
convDiscrete Convolution
Conv-classThe Conv class.
cumsum_axisCumulative Sum
CumSum-classThe CumSum class.
curvatureCurvature of Expression
curvature-atomCurvature of an Atom
curvature-compCurvature of Composition
curvature-methodsCurvature Properties
cvxr_normMatrix Norm (Alternative)
CVXR-packageCVXR: Disciplined Convex Optimization in R
diagMatrix Diagonal
DiagMat-classThe DiagMat class.
DiagVec-classThe DiagVec class.
diffLagged and Iterated Differences
DivExpression-classThe DivExpression class.
dot-build_matrix_0Get the 'sparse' flag field for the LinOp object
dot-build_matrix_1Get the 'sparse' flag field for the LinOp object
dot-LinOp__args_push_backPerform a push back operation on the 'args' field of LinOp
dot-LinOp_at_indexReturn the LinOp element at index i (0-based)
dot-LinOp__get_dense_dataGet the field 'dense_data' for the LinOp object
dot-LinOp__get_idGet the id field of the LinOp Object
dot-LinOp__get_sizeGet the field 'size' for the LinOp object
dot-LinOp__get_sliceGet the slice field of the LinOp Object
dot-LinOp__get_sparseGet the 'sparse' flag field for the LinOp object
dot-LinOp__get_sparse_dataGet the field named 'sparse_data' from the LinOp object
dot-LinOp__get_typeGet the field named 'type' for the LinOp object
dot-LinOp__newCreate a new LinOp object.
dot-LinOp__set_dense_dataSet the field 'dense_data' of the LinOp object
dot-LinOp__set_sizeSet the field 'size' of the LinOp object
dot-LinOp__set_sliceSet the slice field of the LinOp Object
dot-LinOp__set_sparseSet the flag 'sparse' of the LinOp object
dot-LinOp__set_sparse_dataSet the field named 'sparse_data' of the LinOp object
dot-LinOp__set_typeSet the field named 'type' for the LinOp object
dot-LinOp__size_push_backPerform a push back operation on the 'size' field of LinOp
dot-LinOp__slice_push_backPerform a push back operation on the 'slice' field of LinOp
dot-LinOpVector__newCreate a new LinOpVector object.
dot-LinOpVector__push_backPerform a push back operation on the 'args' field of LinOp
dot-ProblemData__get_const_to_rowGet the const_to_row field of the ProblemData Object
dot-ProblemData__get_const_vecGet the const_vec field from the ProblemData Object
dot-ProblemData__get_IGet the I field of the ProblemData Object
dot-ProblemData__get_id_to_colGet the id_to_col field of the ProblemData Object
dot-ProblemData__get_JGet the J field of the ProblemData Object
dot-ProblemData__get_VGet the V field of the ProblemData Object
dot-ProblemData__newCreate a new ProblemData object.
dot-ProblemData__set_const_to_rowSet the const_to_row map of the ProblemData Object
dot-ProblemData__set_const_vecSet the const_vec field in the ProblemData Object
dot-ProblemData__set_ISet the I field in the ProblemData Object
dot-ProblemData__set_id_to_colSet the id_to_col field of the ProblemData Object
dot-ProblemData__set_JSet the J field in the ProblemData Object
dot-ProblemData__set_VSet the V field in the ProblemData Object
dspopDirect Standardization: Population
dssampDirect Standardization: Sample
ECOS_BB-classThe ECOS_BB class.
ECOS-classThe ECOS class.
ECOS-status_mapECOS Status Map
Elementwise-classThe Elementwise class.
entrEntropy Function
Entr-classThe Entr class.
EqConstraint-classThe EqConstraint class.
expNatural Exponential
Exp-classThe Exp class.
ExpCone-classThe ExpCone class.
Expression-classThe Expression class.
expression-partsParts of an Expression
format_constrFormat Constraints
format_resultsFormat Solver Results
geo_meanGeometric Mean
GeoMean-classThe GeoMean class.
get_dataGet Expression Data
get_gurobiglueGet our gurobiglue handle
get_idGet ID
get_mosekglueGet our mosekglue handle
get_npGet numpy handle
get_problem_dataGet Problem Data
get_spGet scipy handle
GLPK-classThe GLPK class
GLPK-status_mapGLPK Status Map
graph_implementationGraph Implementation
GUROBI-classThe GUROBI class.
GUROBI-status_mapGUROBI Status Map
harmonic_meanHarmonic Mean
hstackHorizontal Concatenation
HStack-classThe HStack class.
huberHuber Function
Huber-classThe Huber class.
idIdentification Number
import_solverImport Solver
Index-classThe Index class.
installed_solversInstalled Solvers
Int-classThe Int class.
IntConstr-classThe IntConstr class.
inv_posReciprocal Function
is_dcpDCP Compliance
is_qpIs Problem a QP?
kl_divKullback-Leibler Divergence
KLDiv-classThe KLDiv class.
Kron-classThe Kron class.
kroneckerKronecker Product
lambda_maxMaximum Eigenvalue
LambdaMax-classThe LambdaMax class.
lambda_minMinimum Eigenvalue
lambda_sum_largestSum of Largest Eigenvalues
lambda_sum_smallestSum of Smallest Eigenvalues
Leaf-classThe Leaf class.
LeqConstraint-classThe LeqConstraint class.
Log1p-classThe Log1p class.
Log-classThe Log class.
LogDet-classThe LogDet class.
logisticLogistic Function
Logistic-classThe Logistic class.
LogSumExp-classThe LogSumExp class.
LPSOLVE-classThe LPSOLVE class
LPSOLVE-status_mapLPSOLVE Status Map
matrix_fracMatrix Fraction
MatrixFrac-classThe MatrixFrac class.
matrix_traceMatrix Trace
max_elemwiseElementwise Maximum
MaxElemwise-classThe MaxElemwise class.
MaxEntries-classThe MaxEntries class.
Maximize-classThe Maximize class.
meanArithmetic Mean
min_elemwiseElementwise Minimum
Minimize-classThe Minimize class.
mixed_normMixed Norm
MOSEK-classThe MOSEK class.
MOSEK-status_mapMOSEK Status Map
mul_elemwiseElementwise Multiplication
MulElemwise-classThe MulElemwise class.
MulExpression-classThe MulExpression class.
nameVariable, Parameter, or Expression Name
negElementwise Negative
NegExpression-classThe NegExpression class.
NonlinearConstraint-classThe NonlinearConstraint class.
NonNegative-classThe NonNegative class.
normMatrix Norm
norm2Euclidean Norm
norm_nucNuclear Norm
NormNuc-classThe NormNuc class.
Objective-arithArithmetic Operations on Objectives
Parameter-classThe Parameter class.
Pnorm-classThe Pnorm class.
posElementwise Positive
powerElementwise Power
Power-classThe Power class.
Problem-arithArithmetic Operations on Problems
Problem-classThe Problem class.
problem-partsParts of a Problem
PSDConstraint-classThe PSDConstraint class.
psolveSolve a DCP Problem
quad_formQuadratic Form
quad_over_linQuadratic over Linear
QuadOverLin-classThe QuadOverLin class.
Rdict-classThe Rdict class.
Rdictdefault-classThe Rdictdefault class.
resetOptionsReset Options
Reshape-classThe Reshape class.
reshape_exprReshape an Expression
residual-methodsConstraint Residual
RMulExpression-classThe RMulExpression class.
scaleneScalene Function
SCS-classThe SCS class.
SCS-status_mapSCS Status Map
SDP-classThe SDP class.
SemidefPositive Semidefinite Variable
SemidefUpperTri-classThe SemidefUpperTri class.
setIdCounterSet ID Counter
sigma_maxMaximum Singular Value
SigmaMax-classThe SigmaMax class.
signSign of Expression
sign_from_argsAtom Sign
sign-methodsSign Properties
sizeSize of Expression
size_from_argsAtom Size
size-methodsSize Properties
SizeMetrics-classThe SizeMetrics class.
SOCAxis-classThe SOCAxis class.
SOC-classThe SOC class.
Solver-capableSolver Capabilities
Solver-choose_solverChoose a Solver
Solver-classThe Solver class.
Solver-solveCall to Solver
SolverStats-classThe SolverStats class.
sqrtSquare Root
Sqrt-classThe Sqrt class.
squareSquare Function
Square-classThe Square class.
sum_entriesSum of Entries
SumEntries-classThe SumEntries class.
sum_largestSum of Largest Values
SumLargest-classThe SumLargest class.
sum_smallestSum of Smallest Values
sum_squaresSum of Squares
SymmetricSymmetric Variable
SymmetricUpperTri-classThe SymmetricUpperTri class.
to_numericNumeric Value of Atom
Trace-classThe Trace class.
transposeMatrix Transpose
Transpose-classThe Transpose class.
tvTotal Variation
UnaryOperator-classThe UnaryOperator class.
unpack_resultsParse output from a solver and updates problem state
upper_triUpper Triangle of a Matrix
UpperTri-classThe UpperTri class.
validate_argsValidate Arguments
validate_solverValidate Solver
validate_valValidate Value
value-methodsGet or Set Value
Variable-classThe Variable class.
vecVectorization of a Matrix
vstackVertical Concatenation
VStack-classThe VStack class.
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