Man pages for CaDENCE
Conditional Density Estimation Network Construction and Evaluation

bgammaBernoulli-gamma distribution
blnormBernoulli-lognormal distribution
bweibullBernoulli-Weibull distribution
cadence.costCost function for CDEN model fitting
cadence.fitFit a CDEN model
cadence.initializeInitialize a CDEN weight vector
CaDENCE-packageConditional Density Estimation Network Construction and...
cadence.predictPredict conditional distribution parameters from a fitted...
dummy.codeConvert a factor to a matrix of dummy codes
FraserSedimentSediment and stream discharge data for Fraser River at Hope
gam.styleGAM-style effects plots for interpreting CDEN models
logisticLogistic sigmoid function
pareto2Pareto 2 (Lomax) and Bernoulli-Pareto 2 distributions
rbfRadial basis function kernel
rpropResilient backpropagation (Rprop) optimization algorithm
xval.bufferCross-validation indices with a buffer between...
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