Man pages for CatDyn
Fishery Stock Assessment by Catch Dynamics Models

as.CatDynDataData Object for the Estimation of Catch Dynamic Models
catdynClass Attribute of Numerically Fit CatDyn Model Objects
CatDynBSDCalculate Annual Biomass and its Standard Error
CatDynCorCorrelation Plot Among Parameter Estimates
CatDynDataClass Attribute of CatDyn Data Object
CatDynExpClass Attribute of Exploratory Analysis Object
catdynexp_1Exploratory Evaluation of Initial Values of CatDyn Models
CatDynFitFit CatDyn Models by Maximum Likelihood
CatDynModClass Attribute of Model Output Object
CatDyn-packageFisheries Stock Assessment by Generalized Depletion (Catch...
CatDynParTable of Parameter Estimates and Coefficients of Variation
CatDynPredPredictions from a Generalized Depletion (Catch Dynamics)...
CatDynSumSummary Table for Generalized Depletion (Catch Dynamics)...
cor2covCorrelation Matrix to Covariance Matrix Conversion
deltamethodFirst-order Taylor Series Expansion of Functions of Random...
gayhakeIndustrial and Artisanal Catch and Effort Data from the...
gayhakelmLength and Month data of Chilean hake from Artisanal Fishery
gayhakelwLength and Weight data of Chilean hake from Artisanal Fishery
lolgahiIndustrial Trawling Data from the Squid Fishery of the...
m.hoenigMarine animals natural mortality and longevity database
m.hoenig_1Estimate natural mortality rate from longevity data
mobw.kgMean body weight per month
plot.CatDynDataExploratory Analysis of Catch and Effort Fisheries Data
plot.CatDynExpExploratory Modeling of Fisheries with Catch Dynamic...
plot.CatDynModExamination of Results from Fitting Catch Dynamic Models
twelverSport Fishing for Eel Juveniles in Taiwan
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