Man pages for ClimProjDiags
Set of Tools to Compute Various Climate Indices

AnoAgreePercentage of anomalies which agrees with the sign of the...
ArrayToListSplit an array into list by a given array dimension
ClimdexWrapper for applying the climdex routine ETCCDI climate...
CombineIndicesCombine weighted indices of n-dimensional arrays
DailyAnoDaily anomalies
DTRIndicatorDiurnal temperature range indicator (DTR) of multidimensional...
DTRRefDiurnal temperature range of multidimensional arrays
ExtremesSum of spell lengths exceeding daily threshold for...
Lon2IndexObtain the index of positions for a region in longitudes
SeasonSelectSelects a season from daily data for multidimensional arrays
SelBoxSelect apatial region from multidimensional arrays
SubsetSubset a Data Array
ThresholdDaily thresholds based on quantiles for n-dimensional arrays
WaveDurationHeat and cold waves duration for n-dimensional arrays
WeightedMeanCalculate spatial area-weighted average of multidimensional...
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