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Statistical Reporting for Scientific Publications, Epidemiological Studies and Clinical Trials

add.statAdd a new statistic to an existing table
at.least.oneCreate a key from two hierarchical factors
check.xCheck if the variable argument supplied in report.quanti and...
ClinReportR documentation for ClinReport package
define.keyCreate a key from two hierarchical factors
descConstructor function for desc objects
dimnames.descdimnames method for desc object
gg_desc_lsmeansCreates a ggplot object corresponding to a LS Means desc...
gg_desc_qualiCreates a ggplot object corresponding to a qualitative desc...
gg_desc_quantiCreates a ggplot object corresponding to a quantitative desc...
is.descCheck if it is really a desc object
make.labelMake pretty labels from variable names
plot.descDisplay the corresponding graphic of statistical table
prettypReturn a p-value vector in nice format
prettyroundReturn a rounded vector with equal number of digits
print.descPrint method for desc object
regroupRegroup two descriptive tables into one
report.docExport a statistical table into a 'Microsoft Word' or a R...
report.lsmeans'LS Means' statistics reporting
report.modelinfoExport model information (still experimental)
report.qualiDescriptive "Qualitative" statistics (frequencies and...
report.quali.hlev'Hierarchical Qualitative' statistics reporting...
report.quantiDescriptive "Quantitative" statistics (mean, SD, median...)...
report.sessionInfoExport the table of the sessionInfo() to Word or R markdown...
spacetableAdd space to the results of a statistic table
space_vlineCompute the indices where to put blanks in report.doc
split.descSplit a table of statistics in two.
transposeTranspose the table of statistics (experimental)
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