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The aim is to create easily a statistical reporting in Microsoft Word documents with tables in a pretty format according to "clinical standards".


It can also be used outside the scope of clinical trials, for any statistical reporting in Word.

Descriptive tables for quantitative statistics (mean, median, max etc..) and qualitative statistics (frequencies and percentages) are available and pretty tables of Least Square Means of LM, LME, Cox and GLM models coming from emmeans function in emmeans package are also available.

The package works with officer and flextable packages to export the outputs into Microsoft Word documents.

There are two main functions for getting descriptive statistics : report.quanti and report.quali

There is one unique function for prettyfying LS means: report.lsmeans

Each of those 3 functions creates a desc object that can be used with report.doc to export the results. This is the unique function to export the outputs into a Word or an R markdown document.

Future versions will improve the "standard" graphic reporting and specific statistics tables used for reporting Adverse Events.

You can visit the website for more examples: ClinReport website


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