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Statistical Functions for the Design of Studies with Composite Endpoints

ARE_cbeARE method for composite binary endpoints
CompAREdesign-packageCompAREdesign: Statistical Functions for the Design of...
CopulaSelectionCopula object
dClaytonClayton's copula
dFGMFGM copula
dFrankFrank's copula
dGumbelGumbel's copula
dNormalNormal copula
effectsize_cbeEffect for composite binary endpoints
effectsize_tteEffect for composite time-to-event endpoints
lower_corrLower bound for Pearson's Correlation
MarginalsSelectionMarginal distributions for both components
prob_cbeProbability of composite binary endpoints
samplesize_cbeSample size for composite binary endpoints
SstarSurvival function for composite endpoint
Sstar_func_percDifference between survival function and a given percentile
upper_corrUpper bound for Pearson's Correlation
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