Man pages for CoxBoost
Cox models by likelihood based boosting for a single survival endpoint or competing risks

coef.CoxBoostCoeffients from CoxBoost fit
CoxBoostFit a Cox model by likelihood based boosting
cvcb.controlControl paramters for cross-validation in 'iCoxBoost'
cv.CoxBoostDetermines the optimal number of boosting steps by...
estimPValEstimate p-values for a model fitted by CoxBoost
iCoxBoostInterface for cross-validation and model fitting using a...
optimCoxBoostPenaltyCoarse line search for adequate penalty parameter
optimStepSizeFactorCoarse line search for optimum step-size modification factor
plot.CoxBoostPlot coefficient paths from CoxBoost fit
predict.CoxBoostPredict method for CoxBoost fits
predict.iCoxBoostPredict method for iCoxBoost fits
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