Man pages for D3GB
Interactive Genome Browser with R

createAssemblyCreates a genome assembly for 'genomebrowser' or 'genomemap'.
D3GBInteractive genome browsers with R
gbk2genomebrowserGenerates an interactive genome browser.
genome_addGFFAdd track in a gff file to 'genomebrowser'.
genome_addSequenceAdd genome sequence on Fasta format to 'genomebrowser'.
genome_addTrackAdd tracks to 'genomebrowser'.
genome_addVCFAdd VCF tracks to 'genomebrowser'.
genomebrowserGenerates an interactive genome browser.
genomemapCreate an interative genome map.
getAssemblyFromFastaCreate an assembly from a FASTA file for its use as parameter...
GRCh37Length of human chromosomes based on GRCh37 assembly
GRCh37.bandsCytoband information based on GRCh37
GRCh38Length of human chromosomes based on GRCh38 assembly
GRCh38.bandsCytoband information based on GRCh38
NCBI36Length of human chromosomes based on NCBI36 assembly
segmentationFunction for segmentate tracks in BED format.
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