DCGL: Differential Co-expression Analysis and Differential Regulation Analysis of Gene Expression Microarray Data

Functions for 1) gene filtration; 2) link filtration; 3) differential co-expression analysis: DCG (Differential Coexpressed Gene) identification and DCL (Differentially Coexpressed Link) identification; and 4) differential regulation analysis: DRG (Differential Regulated Gene) identification, DRL (Differential Regulated Link) identification, DRL visualization and regulator ranking.

AuthorJing Yang, Hui Yu, Bao-Hong Liu, Zhongming Zhao, Lei Liu, Liang-Xiao Ma, Yi-Xue Li, Yuan-Yuan Li
Date of publication2014-12-18 07:06:56
MaintainerBao-Hong Liu <bhliu@scbit.org>
LicenseGPL (> 2)

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