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DIME (Differential Identification using Mixture Ensemble)

DIMEDIME (Differential Identification using Mixtures Ensemble)
DIME.classifyClassification Based on The Best Model
DIME-packageDIME (Differential Identification using Mixtures Ensemble)
DIME.plot.fitPlot Best Model Goodness of Fit
gng.classifyClassification Based on GNG Model
gng.fitFunction for Fitting GNG model parameters
gng.plot.compPlot GNG Individual Components
gng.plot.fitPlot GNG Goodness of Fit
gng.plot.mixPlot GNG Mixture Component Function
gng.plot.qqQQ-plot of GNG model vs. observed data
gng.qq.plot.internalInternal function for QQ-plot of GNG model.
huberHuber's weight function
inudge.classifyClassification Based on iNUDGE Model
inudge.fitFunction for Fitting iNUDGE model parameters
inudge.plot.compPlot iNUDGE Individual Components
inudge.plot.fitPlot iNUDGE Goodness of Fit
inudge.plot.mixPlot iNUDGE Mixture Component Function
inudge.plot.qqQQ-plot of GNG model vs. observed data
inudge.qq.plot.internalInternal function for QQ-plot of iNUDGE model
nudge.classifyClassification Based on NUDGE Model
nudge.fitFunction for Fitting NUDGE model parameters
nudge.plot.compPlot NUDGE Individual Components
nudge.plot.fitPlot NUDGE Goodness of Fit
nudge.plot.mixPlot NUDGE Mixture Component Function
nudge.plot.qqQQ-plot of GNG model vs. observed data
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