DBSRA: Depletion-Based Stock Reduction Analysis

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User prescribed BMSY/B0, M, FMSY/M are used to find B0 and therefore the OFL by back-constructing the stock to match a user specified level of stock depletion (OFL = M * FMSY/M * depletion* B0).


DBSRA(x, Data, reps = 100)



A position in a data-limited methods object.


A data-limited methods object.


The number of samples of the TAC (OFL) recommendation.


You specify a range of stock depletion and, given historical catches DB-SRA calculates what unfished biomass must have been to get you here given samples for M, FMSY relative to M and also BMSY relative to Bunfished.


A vector of TAC (OFL) values.


This is set up to return the OFL (FMSY * current biomass).

You may have noticed that you -the user- specify three of the factors that make the quota recommendation. So this can be quite a subjective method.

Also the DB-SRA method of this package isn't exactly the same as the original method of Dick and MacCall (2011) because it has to work for simulated depletions above BMSY/B0 and even on occasion over B0. Also it doesn't have the modification for flatfish life histories that has previously been applied by Dick and MacCall.


T. Carruthers


Dick, E.J., MacCall, A.D., 2011. Depletion-Based Stock Reduction Analysis: A catch-based method for determining sustainable yields for data-poor fish stocks. Fish. Res. 110, 331-341.

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