Man pages for DMwR
Functions and data for "Data Mining with R"

algaeTraining data for predicting algae blooms
algae.solsThe solutions for the test data set for predicting algae...
bestScoresObtain the best scores from an experimental comparison
bootRun-classClass "bootRun"
bootSettings-classClass "bootSettings"
bootstrapRuns a bootstrap experiment
centralImputationFill in NA values with central statistics
centralValueObtain statistic of centrality
class.evalCalculate Some Standard Classification Evaluation Statistics
compAnalysisAnalyse and print the statistical significance of the...
compExp-classClass "compExp"
CRchartPlot a Cumulative Recall chart
crossValidationRun a Cross Validation Experiment
cvRun-classClass "cvRun"
cvSettings-classClass "cvSettings"
dataset-classClass "dataset" auxiliary function of 'lofactor()'
DMwR-defunctDefunct Functions in Package 'DMwR'
DMwR-packageFunctions and data for the book "Data Mining with R"
dsNamesObtain the name of the data sets involved in an experimental...
experimentalComparisonCarry out Experimental Comparisons Among Learning Systems
expSettings-classClass "expSettings"
getFoldsResultsObtain the results on each iteration of a learner
getSummaryResultsObtain a set of descriptive statistics of the results of a...
getVariantObtain the learner associated with an identifier within a...
growingWindowTestObtain the predictions of a model using a growing window...
GSPCA set of daily quotes for SP500
hldRun-classClass "hldRun"
hldSettings-classClass "hldSettings"
holdOutRuns a Hold Out experiment
joinMerging several 'compExp' class objects
kNNk-Nearest Neighbour Classification
knneigh.vectAn auxiliary function of 'lofactor()'
knnImputationFill in NA values with the values of the nearest neighbours
learner-classClass "learner"
learnerNamesObtain the name of the learning systems involved in an...
LinearScalingNormalize a set of continuous values using a linear scaling
lofactorAn implementation of the LOF algorithm
loocvRun a Leave One Out Cross Validation Experiment
loocvRun-classClass "loocvRun"
loocvSettings-classClass "loocvSettings"
manyNAsFind rows with too many NA values
mcRun-classClass "mcRun"
mcSettings-classClass "mcSettings"
monteCarloRun a Monte Carlo experiment
outliers.rankingObtain outlier rankings
PRcurvePlot a Precision/Recall curve
prettyTreeVisual representation of a tree-based model
rankSystemsProvide a ranking of learners involved in an experimental...
reachabilityAn auxiliary function of 'lofactor()'
regr.evalCalculate Some Standard Regression Evaluation Statistics
ReScalingRe-scales a set of continuous values into a new range using a...
respObtain the target variable values of a prediction problem
rpartXseObtain a tree-based model
rt.prunePrune a tree-based model using the SE rule
runLearnerRun a Learning Algorithm
salesA data set with sale transaction reports
SelfTrainSelf train a model on semi-supervised data
sigs.PRPrecision and recall of a set of predicted trading signals
slidingWindowTestObtain the predictions of a model using a sliding window...
SMOTESMOTE algorithm for unbalanced classification problems
SoftMaxNormalize a set of continuous values using SoftMax
statNamesObtain the name of the statistics involved in an experimental...
statScoresObtains a summary statistic of one of the evaluation metrics...
subset-methodsMethods for Function subset in Package 'DMwR'
task-classClass "task"
test.algaeTesting data for predicting algae blooms
tradeRecord-classClass "tradeRecord"
tradingEvaluationObtain a set of evaluation metrics for a set of trading...
trading.signalsDiscretize a set of values into a set of trading signals
trading.simulatorSimulate daily trading using a set of trading signals
ts.evalCalculate Some Standard Evaluation Statistics for Time Series...
unscaleInvert the effect of the scale function
variantsGenerate variants of a learning system
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