Man pages for DNAprofiles
DNA Profiling Evidence Analysis

as.dbcompareConvert output of ibs.pairwise.db for plotting using DNAtools...
check.distCheck if dist is properly specified for use with sim.q,...
dist.pair.cdfCDF of product of a pair of distributions (one cumulative)
dists.productDistribution of product of several discrete random variables
dists.product.pairDistribution of product of several discrete random variables...
dist.unique.eventsTrim probability distribution to unique events with positive...
DNAprofiles-packageDNA profiles analysis
enum.profilesEnumerate all attainable genotypes
est.freqsEstimate allelic frequencies in reference database
exact.qCompute exact LR exceedance probabilities
find.kth.elementQuickly finds the k'th largest element in a (large) vector
freqsNLngmAllelic frequencies at 15 NGM loci
freqsNLsgmplusAllelic frequencies at 10 SGMplus loci
freqsUScaucsAllelic frequencies at 13 CODIS loci
get.freqsRetrieve the allele frequencies of a profiles object
get.labelsRetrieve the allele labels from the allele frequencies
get.markersRetrieve the markers of a profiles object
homozygousFor which markers is the profile homozygous/heterozygous?
ibdprobsIBD probabilities
ibs.dbCounts IBS alleles between case profile and all database...
ibs.distComputes distribution of number of IBS alleles for profiles...
ibs.pairsCounts IBS alleles between profile pairs
ibs.pairwise.dbPairwise comparison of all database profiles on IBS alleles
ibs.pairwise.db.expCompute expected number of profiles pairs in a database that...
ibs.pairwise.prCompute the probabilities that two profiles match a number of...
kiComputes Kinship Indices (KIs) for pairs of profiles
ki.cdfComputes CDF of KI between case profile and profile with...
ki.dbComputes KIs for case profile(s) with all database profiles
ki.distComputes distribution of KI for profiles with stated...
ki.ibs.joint.distComputes joint distribution of KI and IBS for profiles with...
ki.precomputePre-computes KIs for use with 'ki.db' function
normalize.freqsNormalizes allele frequencies such that their sum is 1
print.profilesprint profiles object of seeing next allele (Dirichlet sampling) of seeing next alleles (Dirichlet sampling)
profilesprofiles object
profiles-extractprofiles extract STR repeat numbers of profiles as character matrix
recode.freqsRecode allelic frequencies with different levels
rmpRandom match probability of profile(s)
sample.pairsSample random profile pairs with given relationship (sibs,...
sample.profilesSample random unrelated profiles
sample.relativesSample random relatives of one profile or many profiles
sim.qEstimate LR exceedance probabilities (with importance...
write.genepopExport to GenePop/LinkDos format
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