DSpat: Spatial Modelling for Distance Sampling Data

Fits inhomogeneous Poisson process spatial models to line transect sampling data and provides estimate of abundance within a region.

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AuthorDevin Johnson, Jeff Laake, Jay VerHoef
Date of publication2014-12-12 14:39:42
MaintainerJeff Laake <Jeff.Laake@noaa.gov>
LicenseGPL (>= 2)

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Man pages

create.covariate.images: Create a list of covariate images

create.lines: Create a systematic sample of parallel lines across a grid

create.points.by.offset: Create point dataframe offset from line

dist2line: Compute perpendicular distances and projections onto line

dspat: Fits spatial model to distance sampling data

DSpat.covariates: Raster covariates study area

DSpat.lines: Example DSpat lines dataframe

DSpat.obs: Observation dataframe for DSpat

DSpat-package: Spatial modelling package for distance sampling data

integrate.intensity: Integrated intensity of fitted model

internal: Internal DSpat functions

lgcp.correction: Calculate Overdispersion factor for IPP fit via Monte Carlo...

lines.to.strips: Convert lines to transects (strips)

LTDataFrame: Creates covariate dataframes

offset.points: Offset points from the line to actual position

project2line: Project points onto line

quadscheme.lt: Create line transect quadrature for spatstat

sample.points: Sample points within each transect and filter with specified...

simCovariates: Simulates covariates for an example in DSpat

simDSpat: Simulate a distance sample from a specified spatial point...

simPts: Simulates point process on a rectangular grid

transect.intensity: Compute expected and observed counts by distance within...

weeds: Dubbo weed data

weeds.all: Dubbo weed data with constructed y-coordinate

weeds.covariates: Covariate grid for Dubbo weed data

weeds.lines: Transect lines from Dubbo weed data

weeds.obs: Observations from Dubbo weed data


AIC.dspat Man page
coef.dspat Man page
create.covariate.images Man page
create.lines Man page
create.points.by.offset Man page
dist2line Man page
dspat Man page
DSpat Man page
DSpat.covariates Man page
DSpat.lines Man page
DSpat.obs Man page
DSpat-package Man page
hndetfct Man page
im.clipped Man page
integrate.intensity Man page
lgcp.correction Man page
lines_to_strips Man page
LTDataFrame Man page
offset.points Man page
Ops.psp Man page
owin.gpc.poly Man page
print.dspat Man page
project2line Man page
quadscheme.lt Man page
rev_val Man page
sample.points Man page
simCovariates Man page
simDSpat Man page
simPts Man page
summary.dspat Man page
transect.intensity Man page
vcov.dspat Man page
weeds Man page
weeds.all Man page
weeds.covariates Man page
weeds.lines Man page
weeds.obs Man page

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