Man pages for DSpat
Spatial Modelling for Distance Sampling Data

create.covariate.imagesCreate a list of covariate images
create.linesCreate a systematic sample of parallel lines across a grid point dataframe offset from line
dist2lineCompute perpendicular distances and projections onto line
dspatFits spatial model to distance sampling data
DSpat.covariatesRaster covariates study area
DSpat.linesExample DSpat lines dataframe
DSpat.obsObservation dataframe for DSpat
DSpat-packageSpatial modelling package for distance sampling data
integrate.intensityIntegrated intensity of fitted model
internalInternal DSpat functions
lgcp.correctionCalculate Overdispersion factor for IPP fit via Monte Carlo... lines to transects (strips)
LTDataFrameCreates covariate dataframes
offset.pointsOffset points from the line to actual position
project2lineProject points onto line
quadscheme.ltCreate line transect quadrature for spatstat
sample.pointsSample points within each transect and filter with specified...
simCovariatesSimulates covariates for an example in DSpat
simDSpatSimulate a distance sample from a specified spatial point...
simPtsSimulates point process on a rectangular grid
transect.intensityCompute expected and observed counts by distance within...
weedsDubbo weed data
weeds.allDubbo weed data with constructed y-coordinate
weeds.covariatesCovariate grid for Dubbo weed data
weeds.linesTransect lines from Dubbo weed data
weeds.obsObservations from Dubbo weed data
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