DTComPair: Comparison of Binary Diagnostic Tests in a Paired Study Design

This package contains functions to compare the accuracy of two binary diagnostic tests in a "paired" study design, i.e. when each test is applied to each subject in the study.

AuthorChristian Stock, Thomas Hielscher
Date of publication2014-02-16 00:43:17
MaintainerChristian Stock <stock@imbi.uni-heidelberg.de>

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acc.1test Man page
acc.paired Man page
DLR Man page
dlr.regtest Man page
generate.paired Man page
Paired1 Man page
print.acc.1test Man page
print.acc.paired Man page
print.tab.1test Man page
print.tab.paired Man page
pv.gs Man page
pv.rpv Man page
pv.wgs Man page
read.tab.1test Man page
read.tab.paired Man page
represent.long Man page
sesp.diff.ci Man page
sesp.exactbinom Man page
sesp.mcnemar Man page
tab.1test Man page
tab.paired Man page

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