Man pages for DiffCorr
Analyzing and Visualizing Differential Correlation Networks in Biological Data

AraMetLeavesA metabolite data set from Arabidopsis leaves by GC-TOF/MS
AraMetRootsA metabolite data set from Arabidopsis roots by GC-TOF/MS
cluster.moleculeHierarchical clustering of molecules differential correlations between two conditions
compcorrCompare two correlation coefficients
cor2.testCorrelation Test
cor.distAdditional distance functions correlation distance (1-r)
DiffCorrDifferential correlations in omics datasets
generate_gGenerating graph from data matrix
get.eigen.moleculeGet eigen molecule
get.eigen.molecule.graphGetting graph from eigengene module list
get.lfdrGetting local false discovery rate (lfdr)
get.min.maxGet minimum and maximum
plotClusterMoleculesPlot cluster molecules
plotDiffCorrGroupPlot DiffCorr group
uncent.cor2distAdditional distance functions correlation distance...
uncent.cordistCalculating all pairwise distances using correlation distance
write.modulesWriting modules into a text file
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