Man pages for DoseFinding
Planning and Analyzing Dose Finding Experiments

bFitModFit a dose-response model using Bayesian or bootstrap...
biomBiometrics Dose Response data
defBndsCalculates default bounds for non-linear parameters in...
DoseFinding-packageDesign and Analysis of dose-finding studies
drmodelsBuilt-in dose-response models in DoseFinding
fitModFit non-linear dose-response model
glycobromGlycopyrronium Bromide dose-response data
guesstCalculate guesstimates based on prior knowledge
IBScovarsIrritable Bowel Syndrome Dose Response data with covariates
MCPModMCPMod - Multiple Comparisons and Modeling
MCTpvalCalculate multiplicity adjusted p-values for multiple...
MCTtestPerforms multiple contrast test
migraineMigraine Dose Response data
ModsDefine dose-response models
mvtnorm-controlControl options for pmvt and qmvt functions
neurodegNeurodegenerative disease simulated longitudinal dose-finding...
optContrCalculate optimal contrasts
optDesignFunction to calculate optimal designs
planModEvaluate performance metrics for fitting dose-response models
powMCTCalculate power for multiple contrast test
sampSizeSample size calculations
targdoseCalculate dose estimates for a fitted dose-response model...
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