Man pages for DrBats
Data Representation: Bayesian Approach That's Sparse

calc.loglikCalculate the log likelihood of the model
coda.objConvert a STAN objet to MCMC list
coinertia.drbatsPerform Coinertia Analysis on the PCA of the Weighted PCA and...
drbats.simulMain simulation function
histoProjProject a set of curves onto a histogram basis
modelFitFit a Bayesian Latent Factor to a data set using STAN
pca.DevillePerform a PCA using Deville's method
pca.proj.XtPCA data projected onto a histogram basis
postdensCalculate the unnormalized posterior density of the model
stanfitA stanfit object fitted to the toydata
toydataA toy longitudinal data set
visbetaFormat scores output for visualization
visWPlot the estimates for the latent factors
weighted.DevillePerform a weighted PCA using Deville's method on a data...
W.QRBuild and decompose a low-rank matrix W
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