Defines functions loadEChartsTheme

Documented in loadEChartsTheme

loadEChartsTheme <- function(theme){

  # Check if the value entered for "theme" is valid
  valid_values <- c("roma", "infographic", "macarons", "vintage", "shine", "caravan", "dark-digerati", "jazz", "london")

  if((theme %in% valid_values) == FALSE){
    stop("The ECharts theme you specified is invalid. Please check. Valid values include: 'default', 'roma', 'infographic', 'macarons', 'vintage', 'shine', 'caravan', 'dark-digerati', 'jazz', and 'london'.")

                '.js", package = "ECharts2Shiny"))')
  eval(parse(text = to_eval), envir = parent.frame())

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