Man pages for EGAnet
Exploratory Graph Analysis - A Framework for Estimating the Number of Dimensions in Multivariate Data Using Network Psychometrics

bootEGADimension Stability Analysis of 'EGA'
boot.ergoInfoBootstrap Test for the Ergodicity Information Index
boot.wmt'bootEGA' Results of 'wmt2'Data
CFACFA Fit of 'EGA' Structure
color_palette_EGA'EGA' Color Palettes
depressionDepression Data
dimStabilityDimension Stability Statistics from 'bootEGA'
dnn.weightsLoadings Comparison Test Deep Learning Neural Network Weights
dynEGADynamic Exploratory Graph Analysis
dynEGA.ind.popDynamic EGA used in the mctest.ergoInfo function
EBICglasso.qgraph'EBICglasso' from 'qgraph' 1.4.4
EGAApplies the Exploratory Graph Analysis technique
EGA.estimateA Sub-routine Function for 'EGA''EGA' Optimal Model Fit using the Total Entropy Fit Index...
ega.wmtEGA WMT-2 Data
EmbedTime-delay Embedding
entropyFitEntropy Fit Index
ergoInfoErgodicity Information Index
gllaGeneralized Local Linear Approximation
intelligenceBatteryIntelligence Data
itemStabilityItem Stability Statistics from 'bootEGA'
LCTLoadings Comparison Test
mctest.ergoInfoMonte-Carlo Test for the Ergodicity Information Index
methods.sectionAutomated Methods Section for 'EGAnet' Objects
net.loadsNetwork Loadings
net.scoresNetwork Scores
node.redundantDetects Redundant Nodes in a Network
node.redundant.combineCombines Redundant Nodes
node.redundant.namesChanges Variable Names to Descriptions for 'node.redundant'...
optimismOptimism Data
plotsS3Methods for Plotting
printsS3Methods for Printing
residualEGAResidualized 'EGA'
shinyEGAShiny App for 'EGAnet'
simDFMSimulate data following a Dynamic Factor Model
sim.dynEGAsim.dynEGA Data
summarysS3Methods for Summaries
tefiTotal Entropy Fit Index using Von Neumman's entropy (Quantum...
totalCorTotal Correlation
totalCorMatTotal Correlation Matrix
toy.exampleToy Example Data
UVAUnique Variable Analysis
vn.entropyEntropy Fit Index using Von Neumman's entropy (Quantum...
wmt2WMT-2 Data
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