Man pages for EMA
Easy Microarray Data Analysis

as.colorsConvert labels to colors
bioMartAnnotAnnotation of probesets using biomaRt
clust.distComputes distances on a data matrix
clusteringAgglomerative hierarchical clustering
clustering.kmeansKmeans and hierarchical clustering
clustering.plotClustering plots for one or two ways representation
diceCompute Dice distance on a data matrix
distrib.plotDistribution plots of genes expression level
EMA-packageEMA - Easy Microarray Analysis
eval.stability.clusteringCompares several clustering methods by means of its...
expFilterFilter expression data
foldchangeCompute foldchange
FWER.BonfMultiple testing correction using FWER
genes.selectionGenes selection
goReportText report from the 'hyperGTest' function
GSA.correlate.txtCorrelation between Genes collection and Genes Array
htmlresultHtml report from the result of the 'hyperGTest' function
intersectgGeneralized version of intersect for n objects
jaccardCompute Jaccard distance on a data matrix
keggReportText report from the result of the 'hyperGTest' function for...
kmCompute survival curves and test difference between the...
makeAllContrastsCreate all pairwise contrasts
martymarty data
marty.type.clmarty class data for Basal vs HER2 cancer type
MFAreportFunction to create a txt and pdf report with the main...
multiple.correctionMultiple testing correction
myPaletteMicroarray color palette
normAffyNormalisation of Affymetrix expression arrays
ordinal.chisqChisq test for ordinal values
plotBiplotSample and variable representation on a same graph for PCA
plotInertiaBarplot of component inertia percentage for PCA
plotSampleSample representation for Principal Component Analysis
plotVariableVariable representation for Principal Component Analysis
PLSPartial Least Squares
probePlotsPlot the expression profiles of the probes corresponding to...
qualitySampleSample quality computation in PCA
runGSAGSA analysis
runHyperGORun Gene Ontology analysis based on hypergeometric test from...
runHyperKEGGRun KEGG pathway analysis based on hypergeometric test from a...
runIndTestComputing Differential Analysis for each gene
runMFAFunction to perform a Multiple Factor Analysis.
runPCAPerform an Principal Component Analysis
runSAMSAM analysis with siggenes package
runTtestComputing Multiple Student Tests
runWilcoxComputing Multiple Wilcoxon Tests
sample.plotbarplot of genes expression level
setdiffgGeneralized version of setdiff for n objects
test.LCTest linear combinations of parameters of a linear model
test.nested.modelTest for nested ANOVA models
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