Man pages for EMMIXskew
The EM Algorithm and Skew Mixture Distribution

conplotFunctions of Contours
ddmixDensity Functions of Mixture Models
ddmsnThe Multivariate Skew Normal Distribution
ddmstThe Multivariate Skew t-distribution
ddmvnThe Multivariate Normal Distribution
ddmvtThe Multivariate t-Distribution
EmSkewThe EM Algorithm and Skew Mixture Models
EmSkew.contoursScatter plot and Contours
EmSkewfitFit the Multivariate Skew Mixture Models
EmSkewMODCalculate modes
error.rateError Rate
getICLThe ICL criterion
getSWRCalculate modes
initEmmixInitialize Emmix Parameters
inverseInverse of a covariance matrix
mvt.dofDegrees of freedom
rdemmixSimulate Data Using Mixture Models
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