Man pages for EMbC
Expectation-Maximization Binary Clustering

binClst-classBinary Clustering Class
binClst_InstancebinClst Instance definition
binClstPath-classBinary Clustering Path Class
binClstPath_InstancebinClstPath Instance definition
binClstStck-classBinary Clustering Stack Class
bkmlGenerate a burstwise .kml file of a binClstPath_instance.
bmapGenerate an HTML burstwise webmap of a binClstPath_instance.
chkpCheck labeling profile
cnfmConfusion matrix
embcGeneral pourpose multivariate binary Clustering (EMbC)
EMbC_pckgExpectation-Maximization binary Clustering package.
expthSynthetic path used in the examples
lblplabeling profile plot
lkhpLikelihood profile plots
pkmlGenerate a pointwise .kml file of a binClstPath_instance
pmapGenerate an HTML pointwise webmap of a binClstPath_instance.
rlblManual relabeling of clusters.
sct3Dynamic 3D-scatterplot
sctrClustering 2D-scatterplot
setcSets binClst color palette .
slctSelect a single path from a 'binClstStck' instance.
smthPosterior smoothing of single local labels.
stbcspeed/turn bivariate binary Clustering.
sttsClustering statistics.
varpVariables' profile plots
viewPath fast view
x2dSynthetic 2D object used in the examples
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