soyMeta: A meta-analysis on soy intake and breast cancer risk (Trock...

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A meta-analysis of observational studies (12 case-control and six cohort or nested case-control) on the association of soy-food intake with breast cancer risk. Data are from Trock et al.'s (2006) Table 1. This dataset was used as the applied example in Mathur & VanderWeele (2020a).




An object of class data.frame with 20 rows and 3 columns.


The variables are as follows:


Trock BJ, Hilakivi-Clarke L, Clark R (2006). Meta-analysis of soy intake and breast cancer risk. Journal of the National Cancer Institute.

Mathur MB & VanderWeele TJ (2020a). Sensitivity analysis for unmeasured confounding in meta-analyses. Journal of the American Statistical Association.

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