Ecfun: Functions for Ecdat

Functions to update data sets in Ecdat and to create, manipulate, plot and analyze those and similar data sets.

AuthorSpencer Graves <>
Date of publication2016-05-08 09:48:28
MaintainerSpencer Graves <>
LicenseGPL (>= 2)

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Man pages

Arrows: Draw arrows between pairs of points.

as.Date1970: Date from a number of days since the start of 1970.

asNumericDF: Coerce to numeric dropping commas and info after a blank

BoxCox: Box-Cox power transformation and its inverse

camelParse: Split a character string where a capital letter follows a...

canbeNumeric: Can a variable reasonably be coerced to numeric?

checkNames: Check and return names

classIndex: Convert class to an integer 1-8 and vice versa

compareLengths: Compare the lengths of two objects

countByYear: Allocate a total by year

countsByYear: Allocate totals by year

createMessage: Compose a message as a single substring from a character...

createX2matchY: Create X to match Y

Date3to1: Convert three YMD vectors to a Date

dateCols: Identify YMD names in a character vector

Dates3to1: Convert 3-column dates in data to class Date

financialCrisisFiles: Files containing financial crisis data

getElement2: Extract a named element from an object with a default

grepNonStandardCharacters: grep for nonstandard characters

Interp: Interpolate between numbers or numbers of characters

interpChar: Interpolate between numbers or numbers of characters

interpPairs: interpolate between pairs of vectors in a list

logVarCor: Log-diagonal reprentation of a variance matrix Identify the row of 'y' best matching each row of 'x'

matchName: Match surname and givenName in a table

matchQuote: Match isolated quotes across records

mergeUShouse.senate: Expand a dataset on some members of the US Congress to the...

mergeVote: Merge Roll Call Vote

missing0: Missing or length 0

nchar0: Zero characters or NULL

Newdata: Create a new data.frame for predict

parseCommas: Convert character string with Dollar signs and commas to...

parseDollars: Convert character string with Dollar signs and commas to...

parseName: Parse surname and given name

Ping: ping a Uniform resource locator (URL)

pmatch2: Value matching or partial matching

qqnorm2: Normal Probability Plot with Multiple Symbols

qqnorm2s: Normal Probability Plot with Multiple Lines and Multiple...

rasterImageAdj: rasterImage adjusting to zero distortion

readCookPVI: Read Cook Partisan Voting Index

readDates3to1: read.csv with Dates in 3 columns

readFinancialCrisisFiles: banking crisis data and function to read financial crisis...

readNIPA: Read a National Income and Product Accounts data table

read.testURLs: Read a file produced by testURLs

read.transpose: Read a data table in transpose form

readUShouse: Read the list of representatives in the United States House...

readUSsenate: Read the list of elected officials in the United States...

readUSstateAbbreviations: Read a list of abbreviations of states and territories of the...

recode2: bivariate recode

rgrep: Reverse grep

sign: Sign function with zero option

strsplit1: Split the first field

subNonStandardCharacters: sub nonstandard characters with replacement

subNonStandardNames: sub for nonstandard names

testURLs: Test URLs for intermittent download problems

trimImage: Trim zero rows or columns from an object of class 'Image'.

truncdist: Truncated distribution

UShouse.senate: Create a list of members of the US House and Senate

USsenateClass: Election Class given state and surname of a US Senator

whichAeqB: Index of a single match

Files in this package

Ecfun/R/readUSsenate.R Ecfun/R/createX2matchY.R Ecfun/R/asNumericDF.R Ecfun/R/missing0.R Ecfun/R/dtruncdist.R Ecfun/R/Arrows.R Ecfun/R/rtruncdist.R Ecfun/R/readDates3to1.R Ecfun/R/readCookPVI.R Ecfun/R/interpChar.R Ecfun/R/countByYear.R Ecfun/R/ping.R Ecfun/R/financialCrisisFiles.R Ecfun/R/pmatch2.R Ecfun/R/read.transpose.R Ecfun/R/dateCols.R Ecfun/R/subNonStandardCharacters.R Ecfun/R/ptruncdist.R Ecfun/R/testURLs.R Ecfun/R/getElement2.R Ecfun/R/qqnorm2.R Ecfun/R/whichAeqB.R Ecfun/R/interpPairs.list.R Ecfun/R/mergeUShouse.senate.R Ecfun/R/camelParse.R Ecfun/R/readFinancialCrisisFiles.R Ecfun/R/sign.R Ecfun/R/subNonStandardNames.R Ecfun/R/rgrep.R Ecfun/R/matchName1.R Ecfun/R/qtruncdist.R Ecfun/R/readNIPA.R Ecfun/R/ Ecfun/R/Date3to1.R Ecfun/R/read.testURLs.R Ecfun/R/strsplit1.R Ecfun/R/Dates3to1.R Ecfun/R/grepNonStandardCharacters.R Ecfun/R/as.Date1970.R Ecfun/R/matchName.R Ecfun/R/trimImage.R Ecfun/R/parseDollars.R Ecfun/R/logVarCor.R Ecfun/R/compareLengths.R Ecfun/R/nchar0.R Ecfun/R/recode2.R Ecfun/R/checkNames.R Ecfun/R/matchQuote.R Ecfun/R/createMessage.R Ecfun/R/UShouse.senate.R Ecfun/R/interpPairs.R Ecfun/R/raseterImageAdj.R Ecfun/R/canbeNumeric.R Ecfun/R/Newdata.R Ecfun/R/mergeVote.R Ecfun/R/Interp.R Ecfun/R/USsenateClass.R Ecfun/R/qqnorm2s.R Ecfun/R/classIndex.R Ecfun/R/readUShouse.R Ecfun/R/parseCommas.R Ecfun/R/readUSstateAbbreviations.R Ecfun/R/parseName.R Ecfun/R/countsByYear.R Ecfun/R/BoxCox.R
Ecfun/man/parseDollars.Rd Ecfun/man/readDates3to1.Rd Ecfun/man/readNIPA.Rd Ecfun/man/checkNames.Rd Ecfun/man/nchar0.Rd Ecfun/man/rasterImageAdj.Rd Ecfun/man/getElement2.Rd Ecfun/man/subNonStandardNames.Rd Ecfun/man/matchName.Rd Ecfun/man/whichAeqB.Rd Ecfun/man/testURLs.Rd Ecfun/man/parseName.Rd Ecfun/man/createMessage.Rd Ecfun/man/readFinancialCrisisFiles.Rd Ecfun/man/USsenateClass.Rd Ecfun/man/matchQuote.Rd Ecfun/man/mergeVote.Rd Ecfun/man/readCookPVI.Rd Ecfun/man/qqnorm2s.Rd Ecfun/man/qqnorm2.Rd Ecfun/man/Dates3to1.Rd Ecfun/man/mergeUShouse.senate.Rd Ecfun/man/trimImage.Rd Ecfun/man/createX2matchY.Rd Ecfun/man/read.transpose.Rd Ecfun/man/Ping.Rd Ecfun/man/BoxCox.Rd Ecfun/man/readUSsenate.Rd Ecfun/man/pmatch2.Rd Ecfun/man/Interp.Rd Ecfun/man/interpPairs.Rd Ecfun/man/strsplit1.Rd Ecfun/man/parseCommas.Rd Ecfun/man/Newdata.Rd Ecfun/man/grepNonStandardCharacters.Rd Ecfun/man/compareLengths.Rd Ecfun/man/countsByYear.Rd Ecfun/man/as.Date1970.Rd Ecfun/man/canbeNumeric.Rd Ecfun/man/sign.Rd Ecfun/man/missing0.Rd Ecfun/man/Arrows.Rd Ecfun/man/countByYear.Rd Ecfun/man/read.testURLs.Rd Ecfun/man/subNonStandardCharacters.Rd Ecfun/man/logVarCor.Rd Ecfun/man/ Ecfun/man/readUShouse.Rd Ecfun/man/interpChar.Rd Ecfun/man/recode2.Rd Ecfun/man/Date3to1.Rd Ecfun/man/dateCols.Rd Ecfun/man/readUSstateAbbreviations.Rd Ecfun/man/camelParse.Rd Ecfun/man/classIndex.Rd Ecfun/man/truncdist.Rd Ecfun/man/UShouse.senate.Rd Ecfun/man/financialCrisisFiles.Rd Ecfun/man/rgrep.Rd Ecfun/man/asNumericDF.Rd

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