Man pages for Ecfun
Functions for Ecdat

ArrowsDraw arrows between pairs of points.
as.Date1970Date from a number of days since the start of 1970.
asNumericDFCoerce to numeric dropping commas and info after a blank
BoxCoxBox-Cox power transformation and its inverse
camelParseSplit a character string where a capital letter follows a...
canbeNumericCan a variable reasonably be coerced to numeric?
checkNamesCheck and return names
classIndexConvert class to an integer 1-8 and vice versa
compareLengthsCompare the lengths of two objects
confint.varConfidence interval for sample variance or standard deviation
countByYearAllocate a total by year
countsByYearAllocate totals by year
createMessageCompose a message as a single substring from a character...
createX2matchYCreate X to match Y
Date3to1Convert three YMD vectors to a Date
dateColsIdentify YMD names in a character vector
Dates3to1Convert 3-column dates in data to class Date
financialCrisisFilesFiles containing financial crisis data
getElement2Extract a named element from an object with a default
grepNonStandardCharactersgrep for nonstandard characters
InterpInterpolate between numbers or numbers of characters
interpCharInterpolate between numbers or numbers of characters
interpPairsinterpolate between pairs of vectors in a list
logVarCorLog-diagonal reprentation of a variance matrix the row of 'y' best matching each row of 'x'
matchNameMatch surname and givenName in a table
matchQuoteMatch isolated quotes across records
mergeUShouse.senateExpand a dataset on some members of the US Congress to the...
mergeVoteMerge Roll Call Vote
missing0Missing or length 0
nchar0Zero characters or NULL
NewdataCreate a new data.frame for predict
parseCommasConvert character string with Dollar signs and commas to...
parseDollarsConvert character string with Dollar signs and commas to...
parseNameParse surname and given name
Pingping a Uniform resource locator (URL)
pmatch2Value matching or partial matching
qqnorm2Normal Probability Plot with Multiple Symbols
qqnorm2sNormal Probability Plot with Multiple Lines and Multiple...
qqnorm2tNormal Probability Plot with Multiple Lines and Multiple...
rasterImageAdjrasterImage adjusting to zero distortion
readCookPVIRead Cook Partisan Voting Index
readDates3to1read.csv with Dates in 3 columns
readFinancialCrisisFilesbanking crisis data and function to read financial crisis...
readNIPARead a National Income and Product Accounts data table
read.testURLsRead a file produced by testURLs
read.transposeRead a data table in transpose form
readUShouseRead the list of representatives in the United States House...
readUSsenateRead the list of elected officials in the United States...
readUSstateAbbreviationsRead a list of abbreviations of states and territories of the...
recode2bivariate recode
rgrepReverse grep
signSign function with zero option
strsplit1Split the first field
subNonStandardCharacterssub nonstandard characters with replacement
subNonStandardNamessub for nonstandard names
testURLsTest URLs for intermittent download problems
trimImageTrim zero rows or columns from an object of class 'Image'.
truncdistTruncated distribution
UShouse.senateCreate a list of members of the US House and Senate
USsenateClassElection Class given state and surname of a US Senator
whichAeqBIndex of a single match
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