Man pages for EdSurvey
Analysis of NCES Education Survey and Assessment Data

achievementLevelsAchievement Levels to a Data Frame
bind-methodsCombine R Objects by Rows or Columns
contourPlotOverlaid Scatter and Contour Plots
cor.sdfBivariate Correlation of an or an...
DoFCorrectionDegrees of Freedom
downloadCivEDICCSInstructions for Downloading and Unzipping CivED or ICCS...
downloadECLS_KDownload and Unzip ECLS_K Files
download_ePIRLSDownload and Unzip ePIRLS Files
downloadICILSInstructions for Downloading and Unzipping ICILS Files
downloadPIAACDownload and Unzip PIAAC Files
downloadPIRLSDownload and Unzip PIRLS Files
downloadPISADownload and Unzip PISA Files
downloadTALISInstructions for Downloading TALIS Files
downloadTIMSSDownload and Unzip TIMSS Files
downloadTIMSSAdvDownload and Unzip TIMSS Advanced Files
edsurvey-classEdSurvey Class Constructors Dataset Vectorization
EdSurvey-packageAnalysis of NCES Education Survey and Assessment Data
edsurveyTableEdSurvey Tables With Conditional Means
edsurveyTable2pdfPDF File From an edsurveyTable
gapGap Analysis
getDataRead Data to a Data Frame
getPlausibleValueGet Plausible Value Variables
getWeightJkReplicatesRetrieve the Jackknife Replicate Weights
glm.sdfEdSurvey Generalized Linear Models
hasPlausibleValuePlausible Value Test
isWeightWeight Test
levelsSDFPrint Levels and Labels
lm.sdfEdSurvey Linear Models
mergeEdSurvey Merge
mixed.sdfEdSurvey Mixed-Effects Model
mvrlm.sdfMultivariate Regression
oddsRatioOdds Ratios for 'edsurveyGlm' Models
percentileEdSurvey Percentiles
print.achievementLevelsPrint AchievementLevels Results Metadata Summary
printGapGap Analysis Printing
readBB_2001Connect to B&B 2000-2001 Data
readBB_2012Connect to B&B 2008-2012 Data
readCivEDICCSConnect to ICCS and CivED Data
readECLS_K1998Connect to ECLS-K 1998 Data
readECLS_K2011Connect to ECLS-K 2011 Data
read_ePIRLSConnect to ePIRLS Data
readICILSConnect to ICILS Data
readNAEPConnect to NAEP Data
readPIAACConnect to PIAAC Data
readPIRLSConnect to PIRLS Data
readPISAConnect to PISA Data
readTALISConnect to TALIS Data
readTIMSSConnect to TIMSS Data
readTIMSSAdvConnect to TIMSS Advanced Data
rebindAttributesCopy Data Frame Attributes
recode.sdfRecode Levels Within Variables
rename.sdfModify Variable Names
rq.sdfEdSurvey Quantile Regression Models
searchSDFEdSurvey Codebook Search
showCodebookSummary Codebook
showCutPointsRetrieve Achievement Level Cutpoints
showPlausibleValuesPlausible Value Variable Names
showWeightsRetrieve Weight Variables
subsetEdSurvey Subset
summary2Summarize Variables
updatePlausibleValueUpdate Plausible Value Variable Names
varEstToCovCovariance Estimation
waldTestWald Tests
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