mortDK: Population mortality rates for Denmark in 1-year age-classes.


The mortDK data frame has 1820 rows and 21 columns.


This data frame contains the following columns:

age: Age class, 0--89, 90:90+.
per: Calendar period, 38: 1938--42, 43: 1943--47, ..., 88:1988-92.
sex: Sex, 1: male, 2: female.
risk: Number of person-years in the Danish population.
dt: Number of deaths.
rt: Overall mortality rate in cases per 1000 person-years, i.e. rt=1000*dt/risk
Cause-specific mortality rates in cases per 1000 person-years:
r1: Infections
r2: Cancer.
r3: Tumors, benign, unspecific nature.
r4: Endocrine, metabolic.
r5: Blood.
r6: Nervous system, psychiatric.
r7: Cerebrovascular.
r8: Cardiac.
r9: Respiratory diseases, excl. cancer.
r10: Liver, excl. cancer.
r11: Digestive, other.
r12: Genitourinary.
r13: Ill-defined symptoms.
r14: All other, natural.
r15: Violent.


Statistics Denmark, National board of health provided original data. Michael Andersson grouped the causes of death.

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