Man pages for Epi
A Package for Statistical Analysis in Epidemiology

addCov.LexisAdd covariates (typically clinical measurements) taken at...
apc.fitFit an Age-Period-Cohort model to tabular data.
apc.frameProduce an empty frame for display of parameter-estimates...
apc.LCaFit Age-Period-Cohort models and Lee-Carter models with...
bdendoA case-control study of endometrial cancer
B.dkBirths in Denmark by year and month of birth and sex
birthsBirths in a London Hospital
blcaITBladder cancer mortality in Italian males
bootLexisCreate a bootstrap sample of persons (as identified by...
boxes.MSDraw boxes and arrows for illustration of multistate models.
BrCaClinical status, relapse, metastasis and death in 2982 women...
brvBereavement in an elderly cohort
cal.yrFunctions to convert character, factor and various date...
ccwcGenerate a nested case-control study
ci.cumCompute cumulative sum of estimates.
ci.linCompute linear functions of parameters with standard errors...
ci.pdCompute confidence limits for a difference of two independent...
clogisticConditional logistic regression
contr.cumContrast matrices
crr.LexisFit a competing risks regression model (Fine-Gray model)...
cutLexisCut follow-up at a specified date for each person.
detrendProjection of a model matrix on the orthogonal complement of...
dietDiet and heart data
DMconvConversion to diabetes
DMepiEpidemiological rates for diabetes in Denmark 1996-2015
DMlateThe Danish National Diabetes Register.
effxFunction to calculate effects
effx.matchFunction to calculate effects for individually matched...
EpiEpi: Functions for manipulation and statistical analysis of...
erlCompute survival functions from rates and expected residual...
ewratesRates of lung and nasal cancer mortality, and total...
expand.dataFunction to expand data for regression analysis of interval...
fit.addFit an addive excess risk model to interval censored data.
fit.baselineFit a piecewise contsnt intesity model for interval censored...
fit.multFits a multiplicative relative risk model to interval...
floatCalculate floated variances
foreign.LexisCreate a data structures suitable for use with packages...
ftrendFit a floating trend to a factor in generalized linear model
gen.expGenerate covariates for drug-exposure follow-up from drug...
gmortDKPopulation mortality rates for Denmark in 5-years age groups.
harmCreate a basis of harmonic functions.
hivDKhivDK: seroconversion in a cohort of Danish men
IcensFits a regression model to interval censored data.
in.spanIs 'x' in the column span of matrix 'A' and what columns are...
LCa.fitFit Lee-Carter-type models for rates to arbitrarily shaped...
lepAn unmatched case-control study of leprosy incidence
LexisCreate a Lexis object
Lexis.diagramPlot a Lexis diagram
Lexis.linesDraw life lines in a Lexis diagram.
lgrepConvenience versions of grep
Life.linesCompute dates/ages for life lines in a Lexis diagram
lines.apcPlot APC-estimates in an APC-frame.
list.lexCompact printing of Lexis object
llsFunctions to manage and explore the workspace
lungDKMale lung cancer incidence in Denmark
mat2polPlot columns of a matrix as stacked areas.
matshadePlot confidence intervals as shaded areas around lines.
mcutLexisCut follow-up at multiple event dates and keep track of order...
M.dkMortality in Denmark 1974 ff.
merge.LexisMerge a Lexis object with a data frame
mhMantel-Haenszel analyses of cohort and case-control studies
mod.LexisFit intensity models to follow-up data in Lexis objects
mortDKPopulation mortality rates for Denmark in 1-year age-classes.
N2YCreate risk time ("Person-Years") in Lexis triangles from...
NArraySet up an array of NAs, solely from the list of dimnames
ncutFunction to group a variable in intervals.
N.dkPopulation size in Denmark
niceNice breakpoints
nickelA Cohort of Nickel Smelters in South Wales
NsNatural splines - (cubic splines linear beyond outermost...
occupA small occupational cohort
pc.linesPlot period and cohort effects in an APC-frame.
pctabCreate percentages in a table
plot.apcPlot the estimates from a fitted Age-Period-Cohort model
plotCIFPlotting Aalen-Johansen curves for competing events
plotEstPlot estimates with confidence limits (forest plot)
ploteventPlot Equivalence Classes
plot.LexisLexis diagrams
poisregFamily Object for Poisson Regression
prDiabetes prevance as of 2010-01-01 in Denmark
projection.ipProjection of columns of a matrix.
rateplotFunctions to plot rates from a table classified by age and...
rbind.LexisCombining a Lexis objects with data frames or other Lexis...
RelevelReorder and combine levels of a factor
rm.trRemove transitions from a Lexis object.
ROCFunction to compute and draw ROC-curves.
simLexisSimulate a Lexis object representing follow-up in a...
splitLexisSplit follow-up time in a Lexis object
stack.LexisFunctions to facilitate analysis of multistate models.
start.LexisTime series and other methods for Lexis objects
stattableTables of summary statistics
stattable.funsSpecial functions for use in stat.table
S.typhSalmonella Typhimurium outbreak 1996 in Denmark.
subset.LexisSubsetting Lexis (and stacked.Lexis) objects
summary.LexisSummarize transitions and risk time from a Lexis object
TermplotA wrapper for 'termplot' that optionally (but by default)...
testisDKTestis cancer incidence in Denmark, 1943-1996
thoroThorotrast Study
time.bandExtract time band data from a split Lexis object
time.scalesThe time scales of a Lexis object
transform.LexisTransform a Lexis (or stacked.Lexis) object
twoby2Analysis of a two by two table
Y.dkPopulation risk time in Denmark
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