Man pages for EpiILMCT
Continuous Time Distance-Based and Network-Based Individual Level Models for Epidemics

contactnetGenerate binary adjacency contact networks
datagenGenerate epidemics from distance-based and/or network-based...
epictmcmcMarkov Chain Monte Carlo-based tool for analyzing (SIR/SINR)...
epiplotEpidemic summary plots
loglikelihoodepiILMCalculates the log likelihood
NetworkDataSimulated epidemic data set from a network-based SIR ILM
NetworkDataSINRSimulated epidemic data set from a network-based SINR ILM
plot.epictmcmcPlot the output of 'epictmcmc' object
print.epictmcmcPrints the contents of an 'epictmcmc' object to the console
SpatialDataSimulated epidemic data set from a distance-based SIR ILM
SpatialNetDataSimulated epidemic data set from a distance and network-based...
summary.epictmcmcSummary method for 'epictmcmc' objects
tswvTomato Spotted Wilt Virus data
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