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Exploratory Analysis with the Singular Value Decomposition

authors(A truncated form of) Punctuation used by six authors (data).
bada.wineTwelve wines from 3 regions in France with 18 attributes.
beers2007Ten assessors sort eight beers into groups.
beer.tasting.notesSome of authors' personal beer tasting notes.
caNormCorrespondence analysis preprocessing
caSupplementalElementsPreProcessingCorrespondence Analysis preprocessing.
chi2DistChi-square Distance computation
coffee.dataSmall data set on flavor perception and preferences for...
dica.adAlzheimer's Patient-Spouse Dyads.
dica.wineTwelve wines from 3 regions in France with 16 attributes.
epCAepCA: Correspondence Analysis (CA) via ExPosition.
epGPCAepGPCA: Generalized Principal Components Analysis (GPCA) via...
epGraphsepGraphs: ExPosition plotting function
ep.irisFisher's iris Set (for ExPosition)
epMCAepMCA: Multiple Correspondence Analysis (MCA) via ExPosition.
epMDSepMDS: Multidimensional Scaling (MDS) via ExPosition.
epPCAepPCA: Principal Component Analysis (PCA) via ExPosition.
expo.scaleScaling functions for ExPosition.
ExPosition-packageExPosition: _Ex_ploratory Analysis with the Singular Value...
faces2005Faces analyzed using Four Algorithms
french.socialHow twelve French families spend their income on groceries.
genPDQgenPDQ: the GSVD collection of beer tasting notes from untrained assessors. collection of beer tasting notes from untrained assessors.
hellingerNormHellinger version of CA preprocessing
hellingerSupplementaryColsPreProcessingPreprocessing for supplementary columns in Hellinger...
hellingerSupplementaryRowsPreProcessingPreprocessing for supplementary rows in Hellinger analyses.
jlsr.2010.adData from 17 Alzheimer's Patient-Spouse dyads.
jocn.2005.fmriData of categories of images as view in an _f_MRI experiment.
makeDistancesAndWeightsMakes distances and weights for MDS analyses (see 'epMDS').
makeRowProfilesPreprocessing for CA-based analyses
mca.wineSix wines described by several assessors with qualitative...
mdsSupplementalElementsPreProcessingMDS preprocessing
mdsTransformTransform data for MDS analysis.
nominalCheckChecks if data are disjunctive.
pcaSupplementaryColsPreProcessingPreprocessing for supplementary columns in PCA.
pcaSupplementaryRowsPreProcessingPreprocessing for supplemental rows in PCA.
pca.wineSix wines described by several assessors with rank...
pickSVDPick which generalized SVD (or related) decomposition to use.
print.epCAPrint Correspondence Analysis (CA) results
print.epGPCAPrint Generalized Principal Components Analysis (GPCA)...
print.epGraphsPrint epGraphs results
print.epMCAPrint Multiple Correspondence Analysis (MCA) results
print.epMDSPrint Multidimensional Scaling (MDS) results
print.epPCAPrint Principal Components Analysis (PCA) results
print.epSVDPrint results from the singular value decomposition (SVD) in...
print.expoOutputPrint results from ExPosition
rowNormsNormalize the rows of a matrix.
rvCoeffPerform Rv coefficient computation.
snps.druguseSmall data set for Partial Least Squares-Correspondence...
supplementalProjectionSupplemental projections.
supplementaryColsSupplementary columns
supplementaryRowsSupplementary rows
wines2007Six wines described by 3 assessors.
wines2012Wines Data from 12 assessors described by 15 flavor profiles.
wordsTwenty words described by 2 features.
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