beer.tasting.notes: Some of authors' personal beer tasting notes.

Description Usage Format Source References


Tasting notes, preferences, breweries and styles of 38 different craft beers from various breweries, across various styles.




beer.tasting.notes$data: Data matrix. Tasting notes (ratings) of 38 different beers (rows) described by 16 different flavor profiles (columns).
beer.tasting.notes$ Design matrix. Source brewery of 38 different beers (rows) across 26 breweries (columns).
beer.tasting.notes$ Design matrix. Style of 38 different beers (rows) across 20 styles (columns) (styles as listed from Beer Advocate website).
beer.tasting.notes$ Supplementary data matrix. ABV and overall preference ratings of 38 beers described by two features (ABV & overall) in original value and rounded value.


Jenny Rieck and Derek Beaton laboriously “collected” these data for “experimental purposes”.


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