ExpDE: Modular Differential Evolution for Experimenting with Operators

Modular implementation of the Differential Evolution algorithm for experimenting with different types of operators.

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AuthorFelipe Campelo [aut, cre], Moises Botelho [aut]
Date of publication2016-03-28 11:03:58
MaintainerFelipe Campelo <fcampelo@ufmg.br>

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check_stop_criteria Man page
create_population Man page
evaluate_population Man page
ExpDE Man page
mutation_best Man page
mutation_rand Man page
print_progress Man page
recombination_arith Man page
recombination_bin Man page
recombination_blxAlpha Man page
recombination_blxAlphaBeta Man page
recombination_eigen Man page
recombination_exp Man page
recombination_flat Man page
recombination_geo Man page
recombination_lbga Man page
recombination_linear Man page
recombination_mmax Man page
recombination_npoint Man page
recombination_onepoint Man page
recombination_pbest Man page
recombination_sbx Man page
recombination_wright Man page
selection_standard Man page

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