mutation_rand: /rand mutation for DE

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Implements the "/rand/nvecs" mutation for the ExpDE framework


mutation_rand(X, mutpars)



population matrix


mutation parameters (see Mutation parameters for details)


Matrix M containing the mutated population

Mutation Parameters

The mutpars parameter contains all parameters required to define the mutation. mutation_rand() understands the following fields in mutpars:

  • f : scaling factor for difference vector(s).
    Accepts numeric vectors of size 1 or nvecs.

  • nvecs : number of difference vectors to use.
    Accepts 1 <= nvecs <= (nrow(X)/2 - 2)
    Defaults to 1.


K. Price, R.M. Storn, J.A. Lampinen, "Differential Evolution: A Practical Approach to Global Optimization", Springer 2005

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