recombination_mmax: Min Max Arithmetical recombination for DE

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Implements the "/mmax" (min-max-arithmetical) recombination for the ExpDE framework


recombination_mmax(X, M, recpars = list(lambda = NULL))



population matrix (original)


population matrix (mutated)


recombination parameters (see Recombination parameters for details)


Matrix U containing the recombined population


This recombination operator evaluates 4*popsize candidate solutions per iteration of the algorithm. The value of the nfe counter and the vector of performance values G are updated in the calling environment.

Recombination Parameters

The recpars parameter contains all parameters required to define the recombination. recombination_pbest() understands the following fields in recpars:

  • lambda : Recombination multiplier.
    Optional. Defaults to NULL Accepts numeric value 0 < lambda < 1 or NULL (in which case a random value is independently used for each variable of each recombination pair).


F. Herrera, M. Lozano, A. M. Sanchez, "A taxonomy for the crossover operator for real-coded genetic algorithms: an experimental study", International Journal of Intelligent Systems 18(3):309-338, 2003.
F Herrera, M. Lozano, J.L. Verdegay, "Tuning fuzzy logic controllers by genetic algorithms.", International Journal of Approximate Reasoning 12(3):299-315, 1995.

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