FACTscorer: Scores the FACT and FACIT Family of Patient-Reported Outcome Measures

Provides functions to score the Functional Assessment of Cancer Therapy (FACT) and Functional Assessment of Chronic Illness Therapy (FACIT) family of patient-reported outcome (PRO) measures. The questionnaires themselves can be downloaded from www.FACIT.org. For most of the FACIT questionnaires, FACIT.org provides scoring syntax for use with commercial statistical software (SAS and SPSS). The FACTscorer R package is intended to serve as a free, reliable alternative for those without access to SAS or SPSS. Additionally, it will allow R users to both score and analyze the FACT and FACIT scales in R, avoiding the time-consuming and and error-prone process of transferring data back-and-forth between statistical software. Finally, use of the FACTscorer package will prevent many sources of scoring error common when using SAS and/or SPSS syntax (e.g., copy-paste errors and other accidental modifications to the syntax).

Install the latest version of this package by entering the following in R:
AuthorRay Baser [aut, cre], Ayelet Greenberg [ctb]
Date of publication2015-01-13 10:05:51
MaintainerRay Baser <ray.stats@gmail.com>

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Man pages

FACTscorer: FACTscorer

scoreFAACT: Score the FAACT

scoreFACIT_AD: Score the FACIT-AD

scoreFACIT_AI: Score the FACIT-AI

scoreFACIT_CD: Score the FACIT-CD

scoreFACIT_D: Score the FACIT-D

scoreFACIT_F: Score the FACIT-F

scoreFACIT_Fatigue: Score the FACIT-Fatigue

scoreFACT_An: Score the FACT-An

scoreFACT_AntiA: Score the FACT-AntiA

scoreFACT_B: Score the FACT-B

scoreFACT_Bl: Score the FACT-Bl

scoreFACT_BL_CYS: Score the FACT-BL-CYS

scoreFACT_BMT: Score the FACT-BMT

scoreFACT_BP: Score the FACT-BP

scoreFACT_Bplus4: Score the FACT-B+4

scoreFACT_Br: Score the FACT-Br

scoreFACT_BRM: Score the FACT-BRM

scoreFACT_C: Score the FACT-C

scoreFACT_CNS: Score the FACT-CNS

scoreFACT_COG: Score the FACT-COG

scoreFACT_Cx: Score the FACT-Cx

scoreFACT_E: Score the FACT-E

scoreFACT_EF: Score the FACT-EF


scoreFACT_En: Score the FACT-En

scoreFACT_ES: Score the FACT-ES

scoreFACT_ES_BCS: Score the FACT-ES-BCS

scoreFACTG: Score the FACT-G

scoreFACTG7: Score the FACT-G7

scoreFACT_Gastric: Score the FACT-Gastric

scoreFACTGOG_Ntx11: Score the FACT/GOG-Ntx-11

scoreFACTGOG_Ntx12: Score the FACT/GOG-Ntx-12

scoreFACTGOG_Ntx13: Score the FACT/GOG-Ntx-13

scoreFACT_GP: Score the FACT-GP

scoreFACT_Hep: Score the FACT-Hep

scoreFACT_HN: Score the FACT-HN

scoreFACT_L: Score the FACT-L

scoreFACT_Leukemia: Score the FACT-Leukemia

scoreFACT_Lymphoma: Score the FACT-Lymphoma

scoreFACT_M: Score the FACT-M

scoreFACT_MM: Score the FACT-MM

scoreFACT_N: Score the FACT-N

scoreFACT_NP: Score the FACT-NP

scoreFACT_O: Score the FACT-O

scoreFACT_P: Score the FACT-P

scoreFACT_Taxane: Score the FACT-Taxane

scoreFACT_Th11: Score the FACT-Th11

scoreFACT_Th18: Score the FACT-Th18

scoreFACT_V: Score the FACT-V

scoreFAIT_F: Score the FAIT_F

scoreFAIT_U: Score the FAIT_U

scoreFANLTC: Score the FANLTC


FACTscorer Man page
FACTscorer-package Man page
scoreFAACT Man page
scoreFACIT_AD Man page
scoreFACIT_AI Man page
scoreFACIT_CD Man page
scoreFACIT_D Man page
scoreFACIT_F Man page
scoreFACIT_Fatigue Man page
scoreFACT_An Man page
scoreFACT_AntiA Man page
scoreFACT_B Man page
scoreFACT_Bl Man page
scoreFACT_BL_CYS Man page
scoreFACT_BMT Man page
scoreFACT_BP Man page
scoreFACT_Bplus4 Man page
scoreFACT_Br Man page
scoreFACT_BRM Man page
scoreFACT_C Man page
scoreFACT_CNS Man page
scoreFACT_COG Man page
scoreFACT_Cx Man page
scoreFACT_E Man page
scoreFACT_EF Man page
scoreFACT_EGFRI Man page
scoreFACT_En Man page
scoreFACT_ES Man page
scoreFACT_ES_BCS Man page
scoreFACTG Man page
scoreFACTG7 Man page
scoreFACT_Gastric Man page
scoreFACTGOG_Ntx11 Man page
scoreFACTGOG_Ntx12 Man page
scoreFACTGOG_Ntx13 Man page
scoreFACT_GP Man page
scoreFACT_Hep Man page
scoreFACT_HN Man page
scoreFACT_L Man page
scoreFACT_Leukemia Man page
scoreFACT_Lymphoma Man page
scoreFACT_M Man page
scoreFACT_MM Man page
scoreFACT_N Man page
scoreFACT_NP Man page
scoreFACT_O Man page
scoreFACT_P Man page
scoreFACT_Taxane Man page
scoreFACT_Th11 Man page
scoreFACT_Th18 Man page
scoreFACT_V Man page
scoreFAIT_F Man page
scoreFAIT_U Man page
scoreFANLTC Man page


R/sx-scoreFACIT_Fatigue.R R/ca-scoreFACT_Leukemia.R R/tx-scoreFACT_BL_CYS.R R/ca-scoreFACT_Bl.R R/sx-scoreFACIT_AD.R R/ca-scoreFACT_Cx.R R/tx-scoreFACT_BRM.R R/sx-scoreFAIT_U.R R/sx-scoreFACIT_D.R R/sx-scoreFACT_N.R R/tx-scoreFACT_EF.R R/sx-scoreFACT_ES_BCS.R R/ca-scoreFACT_EN.R R/ca-scoreFACT_Lymphoma.R R/sx-scoreFACT_COG.R R/ca-scoreFACT_M.R R/tx-scoreFACT_BMT.R R/sx-scoreFACIT_AI.R R/ca-scoreFACT_C.R R/gen-scoreFACT_G7.R R/ca-scoreFACT_O.R R/ca-scoreFACT_NP.R R/tx-scoreFACT_GOG_Ntx12.R R/sx-scoreFACT_Th18.R R/gen-scoreFANLTC.R R/ca-scoreFACT_Hep.R R/sx-scoreFAIT_F.R R/sx-scoreFACT_Bplus4.R R/tx-scoreFACT_Taxane.R R/sx-scoreFACT_Th11.R R/ca-scoreFACT_V.R R/ca-scoreFACT_B.R R/sx-scoreFAACT.R R/ca-scoreFACT_P.R R/tx-scoreFACT_EGFRI.R R/sx-scoreFACT_BP.R R/ca-scoreFACT_Br.R R/ca-scoreFACT_MM.R R/tx-scoreFACT_AntiA.R R/FACTscorer-package.R R/ca-scoreFACT_HN.R R/sx-scoreFACIT_F.R R/ca-scoreFACT_CNS.R R/ca-scoreFACT_L.R R/tx-scoreFACT_GOG_Ntx11.R R/ca-scoreFACT_E.R R/sx-scoreFACT_An.R R/gen-scoreFACT_GP.R R/sx-scoreFACT_ES.R R/gen-scoreFACT_G.R R/sx-scoreFACIT_CD.R R/ca-scoreFACT_Gastric.R R/tx-scoreFACT_GOG_Ntx13.R
man/FACTscorer.Rd man/scoreFACT_Taxane.Rd man/scoreFACT_E.Rd man/scoreFACTG.Rd man/scoreFACIT_AI.Rd man/scoreFACT_M.Rd man/scoreFACT_BL_CYS.Rd man/scoreFACT_BRM.Rd man/scoreFACT_Cx.Rd man/scoreFACT_Gastric.Rd man/scoreFACT_AntiA.Rd man/scoreFACIT_Fatigue.Rd man/scoreFACTG7.Rd man/scoreFACT_CNS.Rd man/scoreFAIT_F.Rd man/scoreFACT_Br.Rd man/scoreFACTGOG_Ntx13.Rd man/scoreFACT_EF.Rd man/scoreFACT_MM.Rd man/scoreFACTGOG_Ntx12.Rd man/scoreFACT_Lymphoma.Rd man/scoreFACIT_AD.Rd man/scoreFACT_B.Rd man/scoreFACT_L.Rd man/scoreFAIT_U.Rd man/scoreFACT_Th11.Rd man/scoreFACT_P.Rd man/scoreFACT_N.Rd man/scoreFACT_Hep.Rd man/scoreFACT_COG.Rd man/scoreFACT_BP.Rd man/scoreFACIT_CD.Rd man/scoreFACT_GP.Rd man/scoreFACT_O.Rd man/scoreFACT_HN.Rd man/scoreFACT_C.Rd man/scoreFACIT_F.Rd man/scoreFACT_NP.Rd man/scoreFACT_Bl.Rd man/scoreFACT_V.Rd man/scoreFACT_An.Rd man/scoreFANLTC.Rd man/scoreFACT_ES_BCS.Rd man/scoreFACT_Bplus4.Rd man/scoreFACT_BMT.Rd man/scoreFACTGOG_Ntx11.Rd man/scoreFACT_EGFRI.Rd man/scoreFACT_En.Rd man/scoreFAACT.Rd man/scoreFACT_Leukemia.Rd man/scoreFACT_Th18.Rd man/scoreFACT_ES.Rd man/scoreFACIT_D.Rd

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