Man pages for FDboost
Boosting Functional Regression Models

anisotropic_KroneckerKronecker product or row tensor product of two base-learners...
applyFoldsCross-Validation and Bootstrapping over Curves
bbscConstrained Base-learners for Scalar Covariates
bhistxBase-learners for Functional Covariates
bootstrapCIFunction to compute bootstrap confidence intervals
bsignalBase-learners for Functional Covariates
coef.FDboostCoefficients of boosted functional regression model
cvrisk.FDboostLSSCross-validation for FDboostLSS
emotionEEG and EMG recordings in a computerised gambling study
extract.blgExtract information of a base-learner
FDboostModel-based Gradient Boosting for Functional Response
FDboostLSSModel-based Gradient Boosting for Functional GAMLSS
FDboost-packageFDboost: Boosting Functional Regression Models
fitted.FDboostFitted values of a boosted functional regression model
fuelSubsetSpectral data of fossil fuels
funMRDFunctional MRD
funMSEFunctional MSE
funplotPlot functional data with linear interpolation of missing...
funRsquaredFunctional R-squared
getTimeGeneric functions to asses attributes of functional data...
getTime.hmatrixExtract attributes of hmatrix
grapes-Xc-grapesConstrained row tensor product
hmatrixA S3 class for univariate functional data on a common grid
integrationWeightsFunctions to compute integration weights
is.hmatrixTest to class of hmatrix
o_controlFunction to control estimation of smooth offset
plot.bootstrapCIMethods for objects of class bootstrapCI
plot.FDboostPlot the fit or the coefficients of a boosted functional...
plot.validateFDboostMethods for objects of class validateFDboost
predict.FDboostPrediction for boosted functional regression model
residuals.FDboostResidual values of a boosted functional regression model
reweightDataFunction to Reweight Data
stabsel.FDboostStability Selection
sub-.hmatrixExtract or replace parts of a hmatrix-object
subset_hmatrixSubsets hmatrix according to an index
summary.FDboostPrint and summary of a boosted functional regression model
truncateTimeFunction to truncate time in functional data
update.FDboostFunction to update FDboost objects
validateFDboostCross-Validation and Bootstrapping over Curves
viscosityViscosity of resin over time
wide2longTransform id and time of wide format into long format
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