extract.blg: Extract information of a base-learner

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Takes a base-learner and extracts information.


## S3 method for class 'blg'
extract(object, what = c("design", "penalty", "index"),
  asmatrix = FALSE, expand = FALSE, ...)



a base-learner


a character specifying the quantities to extract. This can be a subset of "design" (default; design matrix), "penalty" (penalty matrix) and "index" (index of ties used to expand the design matrix)


a logical indicating whether the the returned matrix should be coerced to a matrix (default) or if the returned object stays as it is (i.e., potentially a sparse matrix). This option is only applicable if extract returns matrices, i.e., what = "design" or what = "penalty".


a logical indicating whether the design matrix should be expanded (default: FALSE). This is useful if ties were taken into account either manually (via argument index in a base-learner) or automatically for data sets with many observations. expand = TRUE is equivalent to extract(B)[extract(B, what = "index"),] for a base-learner B.


currently not used

See Also

extract for the extract function of the package mboost

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