Man pages for FamEvent
Family Age-at-Onset Data Simulation and Penetrance Estimation

carrierprobCompute mutation carrier probabilities for individuals with...
FamEvent-packageFamily age-at-onset data simulation and penetrance estimation
penciEstimate the confidence intervals for the penetrances
penfPenetrance function
penmodelEstimate the penetrance model and penetrance curves
penmodelEMEM algorithm for estimating the penetrance model with missing...
penplotPlot penetrance functions
plot.penmodelPlot method for 'penmodel'
plot.simfamPlot method for 'simfam' or Plot pedigrees
print.penmodelPrint method for 'penmodel'.
print.summary.penmodelPrint method for 'summary.penmodel' of a fitted penetrance...
simfamGenerate familial time-to-event data
summary.penmodelSummary method for class 'penmodel'
summary.simfamSummary method for 'simfam'
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