Man pages for FastHCS
Robust Algorithm for Principal Component Analysis

compPcaParamsComputes the center vector, eigenvalues and loading matrix...
DnaAlterationCytosine methylation beta values for a sample of 198...
FastHCSPerforms the FastHCS algorithm for robust PCA.
FastHCS-packagePackage implementing the FastHCS robust PCA algorithm.
FHCSkernelEVDCarries out the kernelEVD algorithm for data reduction
FHCSnumStartsComputes the number of starting q-subsets
FHCSpsdoComputes the univariate MCD estimator of scatter
MultipleFeaturesFourier coefficients describing the shape of many hand...
plot.FastHCSRobust diagnostic plots for FastHCS
signFlipCarries out the signflip adjustment of a loadings matrix
TabletsNear-infrared (NIR) spectroscopy of a sample of 310 tablets.
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