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FedData is an R package implementing functions to automate downloading geospatial data available from several federated data sources.

Currently, the package enables extraction from nine datasets:

This package is designed with the large-scale geographic information system (GIS) use-case in mind: cases where the use of dynamic web-services is impractical due to the scale (spatial and/or temporal) of analysis. It functions primarily as a means of downloading tiled or otherwise spatially-defined datasets; additionally, it can preprocess those datasets by extracting data within an area of interest (AoI), defined spatially. It relies heavily on the sf and terra packages.



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Getting Started

Check out our Getting Started article.


This package is a product of SKOPE (Synthesizing Knowledge of Past Environments) and the Village Ecodynamics Project through grants awarded to the University of Montana, the Crow Canyon Archaeological Center, and Washington State University by the National Science Foundation. This software is licensed under the MIT license. Continuing development is supported by the Montana Climate Office.

FedData was reviewed for rOpenSci by @jooolia, and was greatly improved as a result. rOpenSci on-boarding was coordinated by @sckott.

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