get_ssurgo_study_area: Download and crop the spatial and tabular data for a SSURGO...

Description Usage Arguments Value


get_ssurgo_study_area returns a named list of length 2:

  1. 'spatial': A SpatialPolygonsDataFrame of soil mapunits in the template, and

  2. 'tabular': A named list of data.frames with the SSURGO tabular data.


get_ssurgo_study_area(template = NULL, area, date, raw.dir)



A Raster* or Spatial* object to serve as a template for cropping. If missing, whose study area is returned


A character string indicating the SSURGO study area to be downloaded.


A character string indicating the date of the most recent update to the SSURGO area for these data. This information may be gleaned from the SSURGO Inventory (get_ssurgo_inventory).


A character string indicating where raw downloaded files should be put. The directory will be created if missing.


A SpatialPolygonsDataFrame of the SSURGO study areas within the specified template.

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