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Functions to Automate Downloading Geospatial Data Available from Several Federated Data Sources

check_serviceCheck whether a web service is unavailable, and stop function...
download_dataUse curl to download a file.
download_daymet_threddsDownload the 1-km DAYMET daily weather dataset for a region...
download_ghcn_daily_stationDownload the daily data for a GHCN weather station.
download_itrdbDownload the latest version of the ITRDB.
download_ssurgo_inventoryDownload a zipped directory containing a shapefile of the...
download_ssurgo_study_areaDownload a zipped directory containing the spatial and...
extract_ssurgo_dataExtract data from a SSURGO database pertaining to a set of...
get_daymetDownload and crop the 1-km DAYMET v4 daily weather dataset.
get_ghcn_dailyDownload and crop the Global Historical Climate Network-Daily...
get_ghcn_daily_stationDownload and extract the daily data for a GHCN weather...
get_ghcn_inventoryDownload and crop the inventory of GHCN stations.
get_itrdbDownload the latest version of the ITRDB, and extract given...
get_nass_cdlDownload and crop the NASS Cropland Data Layer.
get_nedDownload and crop the 1 (~30 meter) or 1/3 (~10 meter)...
get_ned_tileLoad and crop tile from the 1 (~30 meter) or 1/3 (~10 meter)...
get_nhdDownload and crop the National Hydrography Dataset.
get_nlcdDownload and crop the National Land Cover Database.
get_padusDownload and crop the PAD-US Dataset.
get_ssurgoDownload and crop data from the NRCS SSURGO soils database.
get_ssurgo_inventoryDownload and crop a shapefile of the SSURGO study areas.
get_ssurgo_study_areaDownload and crop the spatial and tabular data for a SSURGO...
get_wbdDownload and crop the Watershed Boundary Dataset.
meveThe boundary of Mesa Verde National Park
pipePipe operator
plot_nhdA basic plotting function for NHD data.
polygon_from_extentTurn an extent object into a polygon
read_crnRead a Tucson-format chronology file.
read_crn_dataRead chronology data from a Tucson-format chronology file.
read_crn_metadataRead metadata from a Tucson-format chronology file.
replace_nullReplace NULLs
sequential_duplicatedGet a logical vector of which elements in a vector are...
soils_querySubmit a Soil Data Access (SDA) Query
split_bboxSplits a bbox into a list of bboxes less than a certain size
station_to_data_frameConvert a list of station data to a single data frame.
substr_rightGet the rightmost 'n' characters of a character string.
unwrap_rowsUnwraps a matrix and only keep the first n elements.
url_baseStrip query parameters from a URL
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