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Description FWER controlling procedures FDR controlling procedures mdFWER controlling procedures Author(s) References


The FixSeqMTP package provides three categories of functions for generalized/directional fixed sequence mutliple testing procedures:

FWER controlling procedures

FSFWER.arbidept.p.adjust and

FDR controlling procedures

FSFDR.arbidept.p.adjust and

FSFDR.indept.p.adjust and

mdFWER controlling procedures

FSmdFWER.arbidept.p.adjust and

FSmdFWER.indept.p.adjust and


Yalin Zhu, Wenge Guo


Qiu, Z., Guo, W., & Lynch, G. (2015). On generalized fixed sequence procedures for controlling the FWER. Statistics in medicine, 34(30), 3968-3983.

Lynch, G., Guo, W., Sarkar, S. K., & Finner, H. (2016). The Control of the False Discovery Rate in Fixed Sequence Multiple Testing. arXiv preprint arXiv:1611.03146.

Grandhi, A., Guo, W., & Romano, J. P. (2016). Control of Directional Errors in Fixed Sequence Multiple Testing. arXiv preprint arXiv:1602.02345.

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