FlowScreen: Daily Streamflow Trend and Change Point Screening

Screens daily streamflow time series for temporal trends and change-points. This package has been primarily developed for assessing the quality of daily streamflow time series. It also contains tools for plotting and calculating many different streamflow metrics. The package can be used to produce summary screening plots showing change-points and significant temporal trends for high flow, low flow, and/or baseflow statistics, or it can be used to perform more detailed hydrological time series analyses. The package was designed for screening daily streamflow time series from Water Survey Canada and the United States Geological Survey but will also work with streamflow time series from many other agencies.

Install the latest version of this package by entering the following in R:
AuthorJennifer Dierauer [aut, cre], Paul Whitfield [aut]
Date of publication2016-07-15 23:17:01
MaintainerJennifer Dierauer <jen.r.brand@gmail.com>
LicenseGPL (>= 2)

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Man pages

axis_doy.internal: Create custom axis starting on hyrologic year start month

bf_boughton: Boughton recursive digital filter

bf_eckhardt: Eckhardt two parameter recursive digital filter

bf_oneparam: One parameter recursive digital filter

bf.seas: Seasonal baseflow percentage

bf.stats: Baseflow statistics

caniapiscau: Caniapiscau River Daily Flows

caniapiscau.res: Screening results for the Caniapiscau River

cania.sub.ts: Subset of the Caniapiscau River Daily Flows

create.ts: Create a Time Series of daily streamflow observations

dr.events: Partial Duration Series and Event Statistics for streamflow...

dr.pds: Get the partial duration series for streamflow droughts

dr.seas: Find the start, middle, end, and duration of seasonal...

FDC: Flow Duration Curve

FlowScreen: Screen Daily Discharge Time Series for Temporal Trends and...

get.station.internal: Get station information for USGS or WSC hydrometric stations

get.titles.internal: Returns plot titles and labels based on plot type and...

hyear.internal: Add hydrologic Year, month, and doy columns to a daily time...

MAMn: Calculate mean annual minimum n-day flows

metrics.all: Streamflow metrics

mqt: Moving quantile threshold

NA.runs: Missing data runs for daily time series.

NA.sum: Sum missing data points from a daily time series

pk.bf.stats: Calculate baseflow peak statistics

pk.cov: Center of Volume

pk.max: Annual maximum series

pk.max.doy: Day of year for annual maximum series

pks: Get the flow peaks over a threshold

pks.dur: Calculate the inter-event duration

Qn: Calculate flow quantiles

read.flows: Read .csv or .Rdata file of streamflows

regime: Plot flow regime

screen.cpts: Change point time series plot

screen.frames: Plot one or more frames from the summary screening plot

screen.frames.internal: Internal wrapper for creating trend and change-point plots

screen.metric: Plot a metric with trend and change points

screen.series: Create a plot of the daily streamflow time series

screen.summary: Create a screening plot

screen.summary.internal: Internal wrapper for creating trend and change-point summary...

station.info: Retrieve Station Info

YMD.internal: Add calendar year, month, and day of year columns


axis_doy.internal Man page
bf_boughton Man page
bf_eckhardt Man page
bf_oneparam Man page
bf.seas Man page
bf.stats Man page
caniapiscau Man page
caniapiscau.res Man page
cania.sub.ts Man page
create.ts Man page
dr.events Man page
dr.pds Man page
dr.seas Man page
FDC Man page
FlowScreen Man page
get.station.internal Man page
get.titles.internal Man page
hyear.internal Man page
MAMn Man page
metrics.all Man page
mqt Man page
NA.runs Man page
NA.sum Man page
pk.bf.stats Man page
pk.cov Man page
pk.max Man page
pk.max.doy Man page
pks Man page
pks.dur Man page
Qn Man page
read.flows Man page
regime Man page
screen.cpts Man page
screen.frames Man page
screen.frames.internal Man page
screen.metric Man page
screen.series Man page
screen.summary Man page
screen.summary.internal Man page
station.info Man page
YMD.internal Man page


R/hyear.internal.r R/YMD.internal.r R/bf_boughton.r R/station.info.R R/dr.pds.R R/mqt.r R/NA.sum.r R/get.station.internal.r R/create.ts.r R/read.flows.R R/pks.R R/dr.seas.R R/screen.frames.R R/FDC.R R/cania.sub.ts.R R/MAMn.R R/axis_doy.internal.r R/bf.seas.R R/regime.R
R/bf_oneparam.r R/caniapiscau.res.R R/metrics.all.R R/pk.max.doy.R R/bf.stats.R R/regime.internal.R R/screen.summary.internal.R R/screen.summary.R R/pk.cov.R R/dr.events.R R/pk.max.R R/Qn.R R/pk.bf.stats.R R/screen.frames.internal.R R/NA.runs.r R/screen.cpts.R R/get.titles.internal.R R/screen.series.R R/pks.dur.R R/bf_eckhardt.r R/screen.metric.R R/caniapiscau.R
man/metrics.all.Rd man/dr.events.Rd man/pks.Rd man/Qn.Rd man/screen.summary.Rd man/create.ts.Rd man/axis_doy.internal.Rd man/bf_eckhardt.Rd man/hyear.internal.Rd man/screen.summary.internal.Rd man/screen.frames.Rd man/bf_oneparam.Rd man/caniapiscau.res.Rd man/caniapiscau.Rd man/dr.seas.Rd man/screen.series.Rd man/FlowScreen.Rd man/screen.frames.internal.Rd man/mqt.Rd man/pks.dur.Rd man/pk.max.Rd man/FDC.Rd man/regime.Rd man/screen.cpts.Rd man/pk.max.doy.Rd man/NA.runs.Rd man/read.flows.Rd man/get.titles.internal.Rd man/bf.seas.Rd man/NA.sum.Rd man/pk.bf.stats.Rd man/MAMn.Rd man/YMD.internal.Rd man/bf.stats.Rd man/get.station.internal.Rd man/dr.pds.Rd man/station.info.Rd man/cania.sub.ts.Rd man/pk.cov.Rd man/screen.metric.Rd man/bf_boughton.Rd

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