Man pages for FlowScreen
Daily Streamflow Trend and Change Point Screening

axis_doy.internalCreate custom axis starting on hyrologic year start month
bf_boughtonBoughton recursive digital filter
bf_eckhardtEckhardt two parameter recursive digital filter
bf_oneparamOne parameter recursive digital filter
bf.seasSeasonal baseflow percentage
bf.statsBaseflow statistics
caniapiscauCaniapiscau River Daily Flows
caniapiscau.resScreening results for the Caniapiscau River
cania.sub.tsSubset of the Caniapiscau River Daily Flows
create.tsCreate a Time Series of daily streamflow observations
dr.eventsPartial Duration Series and Event Statistics for streamflow...
dr.pdsGet the partial duration series for streamflow droughts
dr.seasFind the start, middle, end, and duration of seasonal...
FDCFlow Duration Curve
FlowScreenScreen Daily Discharge Time Series for Temporal Trends and...
get.station.internalGet station information for USGS or WSC hydrometric stations
get.titles.internalReturns plot titles and labels based on plot type and...
hyear.internalAdd hydrologic Year, month, and doy columns to a daily time...
MAMnCalculate mean annual minimum n-day flows
metrics.allStreamflow metrics
mqtMoving quantile threshold
NA.runsMissing data runs for daily time series.
NA.sumSum missing data points from a daily time series baseflow peak statistics
pk.covCenter of Volume
pk.maxAnnual maximum series
pk.max.doyDay of year for annual maximum series
pksGet the flow peaks over a threshold
pks.durCalculate the inter-event duration
QnCalculate flow quantiles
read.flowsRead .csv or .Rdata file of streamflows
regimePlot flow regime
screen.cptsChange point time series plot
screen.framesPlot one or more frames from the summary screening plot
screen.frames.internalInternal wrapper for creating trend and change-point plots
screen.metricPlot a metric with trend and change points
screen.seriesCreate a plot of the daily streamflow time series
screen.summaryCreate a screening plot
screen.summary.internalInternal wrapper for creating trend and change-point summary...
station.infoRetrieve Station Info
YMD.internalAdd calendar year, month, and day of year columns
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