Create a suitable starting tree for a DPPDIV style FBD...

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Create a suitable starting tree for a DPPDIV style FBD analysis in BEAST2


If complete = FALSE, only the extant taxa are used to construct the tree, resulting in a DPPDIV style analysis in which the extant topology is fixed and fossils can float in the tree.

Usage, fossils, complete = FALSE)



an object of class "phylo", representing the tree upon which the fossil occurrences were simulated.


an object of class "fossils" that corresponds to fossil occurrences for the "tree" argument.


logical, if TRUE then the tree are built for the complete tree, if FALSE then the tree is built for the crown clades only.


a string representing the starting tree in newick format.


t =, 1, 0.1, 0.05)[[1]]
f = sim.fossils.poisson(0.1, t, root.edge = FALSE),f, complete = FALSE)

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