FreeSortR: Free Sorting Data Analysis

Provides tools for describing and analysing free sorting data. Main methods are computation of consensus partition and factorial analysis of the dissimilarity matrix between stimuli (using multidimensional scaling approach).

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AuthorPhilippe Courcoux
Date of publication2016-05-24 18:46:41
MaintainerPhilippe Courcoux <>

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AromaSort Man page
AromaTerms Man page
ConsensusPartition Man page
Cooccurrences Man page
DescriptionPartition Man page
Dissimil Man page
DissTot Man page
FreeSortR Man page
FreeSortR-package Man page
getConfig Man page
getConfig,SortingMds-method Man page
getPartition Man page
getPartition,SortingPartition-method Man page
getPercent Man page
getPercent,SortingMds-method Man page
getStress Man page
getStress,SortingMds-method Man page
MdsDimChoice Man page
MdsDiss Man page
MdsSort Man page
nGroups Man page
nGroups,SortingPartition-method Man page
plotMds Man page
plotTerms Man page
RandIndex Man page
ReadSortFile Man page
show,SortingMds-method Man page
show,SortingPartition-method Man page
SortingMds-class Man page
SortingPartition Man page
SortingPartition-class Man page
summary,SortingMds-method Man page
summary,SortingPartition-method Man page

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